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Mobile technologies revolutionize almost all process they touch upon. Manufacturing is a process relying heavily on machines, humans and their synergy. Putting mobile technologies to use in the assembly lines, on the shop-floor and in the procurements and servicing not only changes the way manufacturing industries work but gives an impetus to tight coupling between the departments as well as better collaboration between employees across the enterprise landscape.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The Challenges for Manufacturing Industries Today

The manufacturing industry faces unique challenges with the newer expectations of the markets and a true globalization because of technology.

  • The Modern Day Challenges for Manufacturing Industry
  • Competing in a global market
  • Combating the expectation of short product introduction cycles
  • Catering to a diverse clientele with their own set of preferences
  • Quick services and support
  • Periodic introduction of technological advancements
  • Extending the enterprise solutions beyond the boundaries of the premise

The Apparent Benefits of an Enterprise Mobility Roll out for Manufacturing

Enterprise solutions drive towards integrating mobile technologies into the manufacturing process flows with many reasons in mind, including to improve visibility, foresee issues, improve employee efficiencies and value add to the complete manufacturing cycle with its typical applications.

Typical Applications of Enterprise Mobility in the Manufacturing Industry

Enterprise Mobility in the Manufacturing Industry

The advantages are of integration of mobile technologies in this domain are numerous.

Integration of Manufacturing with Other Subsystems

Real time responses and information visibility with enterprise mobility results in a fruitful integration of Manufacturing with other sub systems.

Inventory Management

Enterprise wide inventory management systems can be easily implemented using enterprise mobility to facilitate

        • Inventory tracking in real time
        • Traceability with practical reporting
        • Cost effective material tracking

Production Status Reporting

Automated production status reporting is possible with enterprise mobility, leaving out chances of faulty reporting or missed reporting.

Automated Performance Monitoring

Easier monitoring of the performances and efficiencies of the production workflows at all levels. Appropriate dashboards enable the responsible people to be in sync with the operations at all times.

The anytime anywhere approach enabled by the mobile devices adds on to improving the efficiency and flexibility of the system.

Tracking Physical State of the Machinery

Enterprise mobility solutions keep a track of the physical state of the machinery and their compliance levels putting to use modern day sensor based techniques. Suitable alerts through the system ensure that correct maintenance requirements are foreseen and the workforce is kept well informed.

Timely information sharing keeps the machinery healthy and ensures that there is no negative effect on the production because of mal function or breakdowns and the shop-floor is on track.

Keeping Manufacturing & Servicing Co-ordinated

Manufacturing and Servicing remain closely associated and this approach ensures that field service runs smoothly by accurate communications of parts required on the field.

Integrated Surveillance

Surveillance systems on the shop floor and manufacturing areas, wired into the enterprise solutions, provide a comprehensive view of the on goings to supervisors.

Increase in Worker Productivity

The productivity of the shop floor workforce increases with better co-ordination as well as supervision with real-time information access across the hierarchy.

Manufacturing Intelligence

With mobility comes the ease to collect and interpret data. Clubbing it with Predictive Analytics helps the manufacturing units to foresee production requirements and trends. Looping in market surveys and customer feedback, corrective actions are triggered intelligently to manufacture more efficiently with better quality.

The Two Approaches – Operational Benefits and Advantages to the Employees

Empowering the Manufacturing Industry with mobile technologies is a win-win situation for both the enterprise as well as its employees. Enterprise mobility solutions designed with prudence spell success for all.

Operational Benefits

        • Increases overall productivity in of the manufacturing process
        • Ensures cost reduction with increased efficiency
        • RoI improves because of better performances and increase in sales
        • Allows faster access to critical information
        • Facilitates practical collaboration between people at all levels
        • Assures a competitive edge as the lead time for product deliveries reduce

Advantages to the Employees

      • Improved user experiences through modern devices like smartphones, tablets and even wearables, increases the engagement
      • Efficiency of performances rises as tasks get completed quicker
      • The app based solutions are more interesting and motivating to use
      • Mobile solutions allow flexibility of use and facilitate contemporary approaches like BYOD and flexible working hours
      • Employees can strike the mythical balance between work and life with greater ease

Interesting Predictions for Enterprise Mobility Development

Enterprise Mobility Development

On a Parting Note

Enterprise mobility solutions are definitely one of the most innovative and intuitive usage of technology in the modern world. With virtually no limits to put this concept to use, Enterprise Mobility changes the way people work, the way organizations relate to partners like vendors, suppliers and distributors and also customers with assured improvements in productivity and efficiency.

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