Enterprise Resource Planning Leading Startups to Fortune

  • Posted on : December 10, 2015
  • Modified: February 8, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : ERP

It is not wrong to start a business with the bare minimum. Lesser investments directly correspond to saving costs. When it comes to making choices for software to support the workflows, startups end up investing in different software for niche functions like accounting, document processing and so on.

When the business grows and workloads increase, the sheer volume of data to be processed can be a huge challenge for this elementary software. Besides, data exchange and sharing amongst these becomes intricate and time-consuming as well. The different storage mechanisms of this diverse software end up complicating the matter more than extending support or adding value to the system.

The most practical and efficient answer to this problem is ERP Software, a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate all the functions related to the Enterprise; right from back office, to field or from Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Servicing, Accounting, CRM, SFA and everything else that goes with it.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Automating manual processes through an ERP system and integrating them reduces monotonous and mundane tasks for the workforce, allowing them to have more time for their core tasks. A perfect ERP system is a system that would handle all the business processes in one system itself, offering integration with popular techniques like BI and Big Data for more meaningful interpretations of the ongoings.

And there are more than many reasons for a startup to have a sound ERP system in place.

Enterprise Resource Planning is Organized for Perfection

The aim of any new-born company is to build their own future. They float the core business as per the demand of the market and their survival and stability depends on how well they are accepted in early days. This level of acceptance is indicative of the times to come.

An ERP system not only helps in being organized from the onset, it also increases the efficiency of the workflows tremendously as all the details of the business are organized for easy storage and retrieval.

Safety, Accuracy, and Availability of Data through ERP

A proper and well-integrated database solution with the ERP assures that the data is consistent, available and correct across the various functions of the ERP system. With ERPs moving from On-premise to the Cloud, safety and security of data become a serious issue. Data exchange over various networks and through diverse devices needs to be taken care of as well. Enterprise Resource Planning provides for and addresses all these modern day concerns.

Easy Communication throughout the Workflows set up in the ERP

For a successful business, communication is a very important part. ERP helps the Enterprise to fill in the communication gaps and make them an integral part of the workflows setup. The communications involve all the stakeholders across the system right from Consumers, Managers, Salespersons, Service personnel, Back-office managers and more.

Enterprise Resource Planning for Controlling the Business from Multiple Locations

Starting a business from a single place is passé. Today, start-ups have multiple teams, working from different locations. Having an ERP solution, integrates the workflows of these locations, increasing the productivity of the teams and hence improving the RoI of the business as a whole. Such an ERP system offers a common data storage and functions to ensure consistency and avoid duplicity of both processes and data.

Analytics and Business Intelligence in the ERP Systems

When Analytics and Business Intelligence is woven into the ERP systems, the core management can get a proper picture of the on-goings in the organization regularly. Besides, trending facilities like Self Service BI and Cloud BI give that extra facility to get a deeper insight into the system and better flexibility.

On a Parting Note

An all in one software such as an ERP system today converge various back-office operations with other niche operations like Sales Force Automation, After Sales Services, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and more.

SPEC India offers its services to design customized ERPs for enterprises of all sizes to integrate operations meaningfully to increase speed and efficiency assuring a quick RoI. The insight into modern-day technologies like Enterprise Mobility, BI and Big Data helps us deliver state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning systems for your operations making them the perfect ones for your business.


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