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Why Hire Offshore Developers for Increased Productivity?


August 10, 2023


March 22nd, 2024

Hire Offshore Developers

It isn’t easy for organizations, big and small enterprises, and startups to multitask while delivering results. Offshore software development has changed the scenario for many popular business engagement models.

This novel trend is increasing the demand to hire offshore developers so that organizations can focus on their work cost-effectively with the availability of experienced developers and no hassle of managing teams in-house.

In parallel, it has challenges attached to it. Organizations will have to be well-equipped with well-defined methodologies to ensure smooth execution. This write-up focuses on offshore development, the benefits of hiring an offshore developer, when to hire, and the best practices to be leveraged for offshore development teams.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is a popular business approach wherein organizations hire offshore developers from other locations to offer development and technical support.

The assistance could vary depending upon the business requirement—it could be comprehensive for the entire project or specific processes like coding, design, software development, website, mobile app development, product development, QA and testing, support, maintenance, etc.

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For most organizations, hiring an offshore development team works well because of the proficiency and value of the quality they bring. Those qualities are difficult to find if you go in for local resources, wasting time, effort, and money. Organizations look for offshore developers by contacting known people or search engines, searching for teams on social media, or through conferences and seminars.

What Does the Offshore Development Team Do?

An offshore development team oversees combining soft and technical skills with insightful experience to manage desired project tasks such as designing, coding, implementation, testing, support, etc. The team may work from a distant location or be part of another team. However, they are supposed to bring creativity and professionalism to the project.

When you hire an offshore development team from different countries, the working model is bound to be creative, diverse, and challenging since everyone has their perspective. That is where the projects will garner more productivity, imagination, and optimal output.

11 Key Reasons to Hire Offshore Developers

Is it recommended to hire offshore development teams?

Why so?

Can’t organizations do without it?

Does it offer a big deal of benefits?

These questions are frequently asked; going in for an offshore development team is the best answer.

Let us run through the various benefits that organizations can avail of once they hire offshore developers:

Leverage Global Technical Talent:

When organizations hire an in-house technical task force, they have a limitation on expertise and experience. Once you employ global talent from other geographies, focussing on their technical proficiency makes a big difference in the business output and functioning of the projects. It offers a competitive edge over the others, and the in-house users can focus on their core areas instead of bothering about the technical part.

Less Operational and Infrastructural Costs:

Hiring resources directly impacts overhead costs, including supplies, office rent, insurance, infrastructure, added benefits, etc. When organizations evaluate factors like location, resource demand, proficiency, and experience, it is evident that the cost factors involved in offshore development are restricted and benefit the business’s profitability.

Grab Modern Market Opportunities:

Now that you have a well-equipped and trained task force, it is easy for your organization to look for modernized market trends and patterns. It is viable to grab those opportunities and attempt to take up newer projects with advanced technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, etc. The offshore team would be capable of fulfilling those demands, taking you a step ahead of the rest in the industry.

More Flexibility and Scalability:

With the hiring of teams, organizations can select resources according to their needs. They have even scaled resources up and down easily according to the project’s needs, which increases the project’s stability. Offshore developers ensure a tailored approach that garners collaboration between team members, hence offering improved scalability and flexibility.

Increase Team Size Instantly as Needed:

There may be times when the need of the hour calls for more expert resources in the team. Having an offshore partner can help instantly acquire such professional resources with tried-and-tested experience. If not, obtaining in-house expertise is challenging, as is taking responsibility and delivering results. Even customer satisfaction may be affected if there is a delay in acquiring more task force.

Reaching Organizations Goals with Faster Turnaround Time:

Once you hire offshore developers, they come with their pre-defined technical expertise and professionalism. They need to get acquainted with the project and the organizations to get started. Hence, getting returns quickly and that, too, effectively is sure to happen. The go-to-market time is much faster since the task force needs no technical training.

Enhanced Quality and Productivity:

Since offshore developers are well-trained in the latest project execution methodologies and engagement models, they are quick enough to deliver the best results quickly. This ensures quality, security, and productivity while saving time, effort, and costs. In-house teams can then increase their productivity by focusing on their core functionalities.

Fewer Development Risks Involved:

Having an in-house team can increase risks related to the development and other phases since you are responsible for the task force and their activities. Hiring talented developers from trusted partners helps you lessen development risks since they are proficient in their work and accountable for their business output. Even if there are challenges, they have their senior task force to solve them, leaving the burden away from your shoulders.

Augmented Business Growth:

The above factors, such as the availability of a skilled task force, the focus of in-house teams on their core work, and less involved costs and risks, lead to the organization offering increased business growth. With the business stakeholders providing a complete focus on their core workflow, objectives, and activities, it is viable to grab more opportunities, deliver results, and thereby carve a niche for themselves in the industry.

Robust and Increased Data Security Protocols:

For any organization, ensuring privacy and security of data is most important. Hiring offshore resources can provide a completely secure setup and infrastructure with well-defined rules and regulations they know. Since these teams are technically proficient, they can implement and monitor security protocols in proximity and ensure that no data is compromised. They can implement the latest security mechanisms to avoid malicious attacks, cybersecurity threats, phishing activities, etc.

Adaptation of the Latest Tools and Innovative Skills:

The world is going towards a radical technological change, and there is no way we can stay back. With highly competent offshore resources, advanced technologies, tools, cloud-based services, collaborative tools, and innovative mechanisms, they can quickly implement them in projects, elevating the organization’s competitive achievements.

Who Benefits the Most as You Hire Offshore Developer Team?

As we look at the target audience who can benefit maximum as You hire an offshore developer team, here are the possible companies/users:

  • Startups with a limited cost model
  • Organizations lacking technical expertise
  • Businesses who need faster go-to-market
  • Companies needing scaling of resources
  • Organizations who wish to focus on their core areas
  • Users who want to stay a step ahead of the rest

When to Hire Offshore Developers?

How do you know opting for offshore software development is high time?

Here are specific pointers that can help you finalize and go in for it:

  • When you see that there is less technical talent in the teams
  • When you need super-specialized roles to be played in the project
  • When the project complexity and challenges are high and need expert skills
  • When the project deadlines are tight and must be adhered to
  • When you need software consulting and support for your project
  • When you don’t wish to spend much on inhouse hiring
  • When your business needs scaling of resources
  • When the productivity level of the in-house team is going low

Hire Offshore Developer: Best Practices to Follow

As you go in for an offshore software development team, here are specific vital guidelines that can play a pivotal role in extracting the best out of the team:

  • Ensure that the offshore team and your business stakeholders are in sync with each other so that they work towards a common objective
  • Since the team is not in-house, it is essential to track their activities through a standard tool that is being operated by all.
  • Build a collaborative partnership with the entire team, including all team members, for a healthy and effective output.
  • Create smaller chunks of specialized teams for better control, visibility, and productivity.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to each to take ownership of their assignment.
  • Have regular meetings through video conferencing to stay updated on the happenings
  • Use modern software development tracking tools for regular and better project tracking and planning.

As We Wrap Up

When you hire an offshore developer for your team, specific parameters are involved: project management, project deadlines, training and hiring, development costs, testing and QA, budget estimates, availability of skilled resources, service and infrastructure costs, and the geographical location of projects and team members.

As simple as it seems, selecting an ideal software organization as your hiring partner is critical and must be focused upon. Here are specific pointers that can help in choosing the right IT partner when you hire an offshore development team:

  • Robust and standard security mechanisms
  • Smooth collaboration and business workflows
  • Fluency in the language being spoken at the project
  • Proficiency in technical skills and quality assurance
  • Proven experience, references, achievements, performance
  • Comprehensive bouquet of services and technologies
  • Recognized quality and regulation standards
  • Flexible engagement, hiring, and cost offerings

As an offshore service provider and IT partner, SPEC INDIA synergizes the requests of enterprises worldwide, widening the pool of technically competent and experienced resources ready for the IT services needed.

With accessible contemporary infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, our concerted global service delivery offers cost-effectiveness and efficiency with defined & on-time services that stand a class apart. Project success is assured with well-structured project strategies and effective communication workflows.

Our flexible business engagement models are designed to cater to global clients across various industries with a characterized level of control, consistency, and flexibility.

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