IoT, Big Data, BI And Real Time Analytics – Interdependent And Indispensable

Internet of Things is a reality in the Digital Universe that we find ourselves to be a part of today. The amount of data generated in this new universe increases exponentially and uncontrollably. The Big Data when analyzed with Business Intelligence tools deployed and serviced by the Cloud yields relevant and useful results.

Real-Time Analytics is a different ball game altogether! Using all available enterprise data and resources, as soon as required is Real-Time Analytics. It goes without saying that it consists of extremely dynamic analysis and reporting from the data captured through the various “things” of IoT.

Also known as Real-Time Data Analytics, Real-Time Data Integration or Real-Time Intelligence; Real-Time Analytics has varied applications and it really depends on the insight of the Enterprises to make the best of the data thus gathered, instantly analyzed and comprehended turning into useful information which would be only some seconds old!

Data Analytic

Event Monitoring & Predictions Using Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics empowers Enterprises to monitor the on-goings and happenings as and when events happen. Gone are the days of database techniques that offered slow results which at times became irrelevant and unrealistic looking at the time elapsed when they are published.

Real-Time Analytics do things instantly giving chance to Enterprises to cohere and correct the ongoings.

The rising IoT array of devices on the premise or accessing the systems externally provides data in real-time. This real-time data, when collated with that coming from other integrated systems, offer valuable insight into the businesses – their operations and the predicted problems.

For example errors in production or decrease in sales can be pointed out to help the management take preventive actions, instantaneously.

Real-Time Analytics, when combined with IoT, enabled personal devices to have interesting applications too. Data from Health apps recording unusual results can be used put to use in Real-Time to predict serious illnesses like increasing blood pressure, heart attacks or even increase chances of terminal conditions.

The powers of Real-Time Analytics armed with data from IoT have endless possibilities from manufacturing errors, health warnings, weather predictions, tracking vehicles and more. It is really innovative idea that drives these technologies.


When data is to be collected and curated from such a huge set of “things” and processed continuously a robust infrastructure and software both are required.

Cloud platforms offer high-volume data processing at scale and generally at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional data analytics infrastructure solutions. A Cloud covers wide geographies too making them globally accessible. The high computing capacity required by this high volume input data and its storage is easily accessible through a Cloud without incurring high infrastructure costs. The pay as you go Cloud computing concept suits the huge and varying data workloads, where the Enterprises can scale up or down as per the demands. This elasticity enables the resizing of environments over the Cloud, especially because of the flexible architecture.

The Powerful Trio For Real-Time Analytics

The powerful three- Big Data, IoT and the Cloud give the much-needed thrust to Real-Time Analytics leveraging the data collected from the varied data points today. Using technology prudently for value addition in the way Enterprises work and the way we live is not only interesting, but it is also challenging as well. Leveraging niche techniques thus to complement each other makes them a powerful combination for practical use.

Going Ahead

SPEC INDIA ensures that our teams are equipped and trained in the emerging technologies and using our knowledge and experience we offer solutions to enterprises implement these.

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