MEAN Stack For Startups: What Does It MEAN For Startups?


April 3, 2019


January 3rd, 2023

We are already aware that – 9 out of 10 startups fail

But, do you know the core reason behind it?

Let’s find out.

Most of the articles, debate, blogs, and news publicize that, Startups fail because:-

  • They do not have the right team
  • The product is not user-friendly
  • It is not a perfect market-fit
  • Run out of cash
  • The pricing structure is not appropriate
  • Unplanned/Un-strategized business model
  • Not focused on the MVP or lean model
  • Inappropriate time to launch the product
  • Failed to solve customer pain
  • Inability to raise the capital

However, these can be some of the reasons, but one of the core reasons for Startup IT Solution’s failure can be: Not using cost-effective & evolving technology.

New technologies are evolving every day which have something great to offer, but taking the maximum advantage of these technologies in a cost-effective way is really a challenge.

Choosing the cost-friendly and modern technology stack can help in scaling your product to be competitive in the evolving IT-market.

Nevertheless, there are many such technological stacks but MEAN stack is the one that has made development faster, easier, reliable, and cost-effective.

Let’s see further what MEAN Stack Development has stored-in for startups.


MEAN Stack For Startups – Reliable Framework For Success

MEAN is an open-source JavaScript software stack which is ideal for developing dynamic websites and application starting from the top (code running in the browser) to the bottom (database).

All four trending and cost-effective technologies associated with MEAN stack helps to build the Startup IT Solutions with increased speed and offers scalability, security & robust architecture.

As MEAN uses single language – JavaScript, it makes the application secure and stable. Thus, the programmer can streamline the entire workflow.

If you want to know more on How JavaScript benefits the startups, do have a look here.

Let’s See What Does MEAN Means?

Mongo DB: NoSQL database system that uses JSON data to make communication between client and server easier.

Express JS: Back-end web application framework to develop single-page or multi-page web applications in Node.js.

Angular: Front-end web app framework that runs your JavaScript code in the user’s browser; enabling UI to be dynamic.

Node.JS: It is an open-source, cross-platform java-script run-time environment that executes java-script code server-side.

Using MEAN means, you are using quick and organized method for creating rapid prototypes.

One of the main benefits of the MEAN stack is that it uses a single language- JavaScript. This means JavaScript runs on every level of the application making it an efficient and modern approach to web development.

MEAN Is Growing Its Popularity – Why Startups Should Pay Special Attention To It?

The demand for MEAN stack development has increased due to its versatility of developing robust, fast, maintainable web and mobile application.

Below-mentioned is some of the scenarios, you should consider for the startup.

  • The Scalable Solution Is Difficult To Achieve? MEAN Stack Makes It Easy By Switching Between Client And Server

MEAN stack helps to achieve scalability because developers have to write the code only in JavaScript for both server and client side. The developers can readily deploy the app on the server with Node.js without deploying it on the stand-alone server.

The stack comes with an additional number of libraries, frameworks and reusable modules which makes the development faster. The features like auto-sharding and replication help in scaling the product easily without worrying about failure.

  • Looking For A Cost-Effective Solution? MEAN Stack Is Quite Cost-Friendly

It is beneficial for the startups to work with MEAN stack since they do not need to hire different programmers to work on a single project. As JavaScript is the core language across all the frameworks, all development work can be well handled by JavaScript developers while sharing the code for reuse within the stack.

Moreover, MEAN stack is an open-source framework which means you don’t have to pay any license fee and doesn’t even charge for downloading and using it. The open source aspect of this technology will save the cost for development and will also result in developing high-quality of the applications.

  • Faster Data-Communication Is A Roadblock? MEAN Stack Supports JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Format

JSON seamlessly distributes the data between the layers and save the efforts of again writing the codes. MEAN stack uses JSON as the format of data interchange between all the layers; hence it doesn’t require formatting or re-writing of the code. This results in faster data exchanges between the layers.

  • Unable To Attain Highly Flexible Solution? MEAN Stack Supports Isomorphic Coding

Due to isomorphic coding, it is easy for the developers to transfer the code to another framework which is written in one particular framework.

For instance, if developers write the code in Angular and then decide to switch over Node; they can easily move without complicating anything within the code.

Isomorphic coding helps to bring more perfection in the website and app development projects.

  • The Time-Savvy Solution Is A Major Concern? MEAN Stack Is A Way To Go

MEAN has an infinite set of modules and libraries for Node.js that is ready for use. Thus, developers can refrain from creating the modules from scratch.

Moreover, Node.js is built on Google’s V8 JIT-complied JavaScript engine which compiles and executes JavaScript code into the native machine code very quickly.

This feature of MEAN stack plays a considerable role in accelerating the speed of the development.

  • Looking For A Secured Solution? MEAN Stack Is A Highly Secure And Stable Platform

As cyber attacks are the biggest threats in the online business, developing a secured web application is always a top concern.

MongoDB, a non-relational database supports JSON objects and are manipulated by SQL strings; this results in robust database security. MongoDB is a NoSQL and document database; making it flexible to use in a number of applications.

And when it comes to Node.js, it itself limits the concurrent request using middleware, extract packages to encrypt them, adjust the HTTP response header and much more.

  • Other Add-Ons Of MEAN Stacks Useful For Startups
    • Supports MVC architecture, which gives freedom to deal with a variety of languages
    • Enables to test your app even if it is in the development process, and makes it easy to host on the cloud
    • Allows quick and real-time changes to your app even during app development
    • Supports automated testing. Developers will instantly know if a particular feature is broken
    • Works with JavaScript as a universal programming language. Thus a new developer who joins the team can figure out easily on what other programmers are working
    • Helps you to avoid unnecessary groundwork and keeps your application organized
    • JavaScript has one of the most active developer communities and this makes solutions to problems easily accessible.
  • Tossing The Other Side

Everything is not glory though; there are a few pitfalls of the MEAN stack

  • Although you are familiar with JavaScript, you need to learn concepts of AngularJS and NodeJS
  • During heavy load scenarios, there are the chances of losing records
  • You may not be able to reuse certain services like batching operations.

Despite the disadvantages, MEAN stack is a fully reliable and trustworthy platform for the startups. It is amazingly powerful, flexible and scalable and surely the first choice of startups.

  • MEAN Stack Helping The Startups For Business Growth

If you are looking for fast, easy and simple way to create modern and dynamic web application then MEAN must be the first choice. Most of the enterprise is already leveraging MEAN stack to scale their business as MEAN provides advanced features which make application development simple and less tedious.

Have you ever tried MEAN stack to grow your startups? If yes, we would love to know how it helped you.

If you have any questions about how MEAN stack can help to leverage your startups, talk with our experts today.

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