Move to iOS or Stick to Android? What is Your Calling?

A change is a change and it is tough to switch loyalties. But a Move to iOS from Android is one breach of trust not to be regretted in my opinion.

The first indications came as early as during the WWDC 2015 Apple World Wide Developer Conference WWDC15, earlier this year was soon after the Google I/O 2015.

And the war that is waging between the two giants is nothing new for technology enthusiasts.

With both Google and Apple announcing their new operating systems very close to each other as every year, there is a twist in the tale this time around. Reviewers have been comparing Android M and iOS 9 on various fronts. If Apple has Siri then Google has Google Now. If iOS 9 offers a better Battery life then so does Android M with Doze. Mobile payments are handled equally well both by Apple Pay and Android Pay both.

What is the most interesting fact here is that, both borrow ideas from the other. As a technology enthusiast, loyalties are hard to breach. A typical iOS fan would detest an Android and will never give up on class and elegance. On the other hand, the more practical Android worshipper would never burn a hole in his pocket by switching to an Apple. Both are right on their own accords.

Or, so we thought. It is happening and is happening for real!

Move To iOS

Move to iOS

Alongside the launch of iOS 9, Apple debuts a new Android app called “Move to iOS”, catching us by surprise. An Android App from Apple, this piece of software transfers just about any data from the Android device to iPhones or iPads.

  • Contacts
  • Message history
  • Camera photos and videos
  • Web bookmarks
  • Mail accounts
  • Calendars
  • Free apps transfer to iTunes

“Everything about iPhone is designed to be easy. That includes switching to one.” A claim very correctly made by Apple on its website!

True, that in a very few steps all the data is transferred to an Apple automatically and securely. And there is a support page too on the Apple site. Apple strategizes to transfer over a private Wi-Fi network rather than using the cloud for the switch. It is as simple as exchanging a security code with the user before migrating. The Androids have to be the ones running Android 4.0 or more.

Stick with Android

Of course, Android enthusiasts detest this very cheeky app available on Google Playstore and criticize it beyond imagination. They release “Stick with Android” as a counter to “Move to iOS”. This app from Android enthusiasts encourages Android users to remain loyal instead of switching.

And this is where fun begins. “Stick with Android” has a single button on the very Androidy green background.

  • It calls upon the users to “Click here to stay on Android.”.
  • And when clicked, the app says “Congratulations, you did it!”.

I could not believe myself when I saw this one, more out of curiosity than anything else. Being childish is another thing, but I have no words for this one!

A war is a war and this one is so intriguing now that it has a fun factor too!

iOS or Android, Your Wish is Our Command

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