Parameters .NET Java
Overview .NET is a cross-platform, open-source software framework used for developing software applications with different versions of Windows. Java is an object-oriented and platform-independent high-level programming language, that can work on any operating system.
Developed by Developed by Microsoft Developed by Sun Microsystems
Ease of Learning Less documentation and tough to learn More documentation and easy to learn
Popularity and Demand Highly popular but lesser resource requirements compared to Java Highly popular and increased resource needs compared to .NET
IDE Oracle, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, JDeveloper, etc. Visual Studio, VS Code, Rider, MonoDevelop etc.
Basic Runtime Requirement Needs Common Language Runtime (CLR) for execution during runtime Needs Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for execution during runtime
Database Connection ADO is used for database connectivity JDBC is used for database connectivity
Performance It is compiled and executes on the OS where the code is deployed. It is an interpreted language and hence code is not converted until executed
Architecture Supports disconnected architecture Supports connected architecture
Exception Handling Supports only Windows OS Supports multiple OS
XML Support It has a system XML It has XML like Saxon, Xerces, etc.
File Extension .net Java
GUI Components .NET Class Java Beans
Messaging Queue MSMQ JMS, AMQP
Web Service Support In-built support for web services Add on support for web services
Supported Platforms .NET, .NET Core, ASP .NET, ASP .NET Core, Silverlight JavaSE, JavaEE
LINQ Accessibility Support for LINQ No support for LINQ
HTTP Engine IIS Application server from vendors like WebSphere, Tomcat etc.
Server Components .NET, COM + Serviced EJBs
Web Server Scripting ASP .NET JSF
Just In Time Compilation Just In Time compilation of code to machine code happens at the class level Just In Time compilation to machine code happens at the method level
Coding Speed Speeds up the coding process because of reusable components Optimized and faster code but a lengthy one
Web Application Frameworks ASP .NET MVC, Sprint .NET Sprint, Spring Boot
Community Support GitHub – Approx 12.6K stars and 2K stars and forks respectively GitHub – Approx 11.6K stars and 2.9K stars and forks respectively
Garbage Collection Offers effective garbage collection as compared to Java Offers less effective garbage collection as compared to Java