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May 8, 2017


May 1st, 2023

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Do you really need Java? Is it of any use to you? A good old technology, Java has been making its presence felt for over two decades now, but it has been receiving its set of appreciation as well ask flak too. Enterprises may start thinking of Java as an obsolete technology, thanks to technological updates going so fast that any old technology is termed as something that is no longer popular and does hold any say today. You really don’t need Java if you are not craving for a comprehensive, robust, effective enterprise application development. Enterprise Java Development has been building end to end solutions with ease and comfort but still, owing to myths, there are thoughts that feel Java has started aging and may not be able to perform now. That’s very well not true. Java still has the potential to make up as one of the leading and foremost programming languages today, being sought after by most of the enterprises, domains, industry zones, geographies – whatsoever category you look at.

There are certain hardcore parameters that are a must for a successful business with optimum efficiency and profitability and you really don’t need Java if you are not looking for these business efficiency pointers. It really does not mean anything to go in for Java, if you don’t crave for these factors in your running business and enterprise app development can do without Java if you don’t yearn for success. Is the globe correct when it says Java has been reigning at the top yesterday, today and tomorrow or is it being exaggerated? Let us have a glance at these most common and known factors, yet the most important and vital ones for business, in order to judge whether Java Application Development Service is still alive and kicking or getting slow and obsolete.

No to JAVA

You Don’t Need Java If You Don’t Want Your Business To Grow

Be it any type of Java Application Development Service – web, mobile, enterprise, desktop, there are a lot many programming languages prevailing today with their own significant features and advantages but believe it or not, the one grabbing everyone’s eyeballs is Java and owing to its below-mentioned characteristics, it has been unanimously chosen as the numero-uno language today. But that doesn’t mean you need to use Java without any other option. Yes, you may not use Java if you don’t want your business to succeed with lots of productivity and profitability boost. This does sound sarcastic and blunt, but it is needed to transparently showcase how important Java is today also and will continue to be so.

  • No Cost-Effectiveness Needed, No Java Needed

If the cost factor – one of the most influencing ingredients in any business isn’t important to you, there is just no need to stick to Java because Java, being a free language, is always preferred by enterprises and developers alike.

  • Don’t Want Simplicity, Don’t Opt For Java

Just in case you are looking for complicated and difficult tools to help you learn, assuming they would surely be good since they are tough, Java is your cup of drink. The reason being Java is highly simple to learn, execute and code. With certain basic JDK installations, it is all ready to use. Its beauty lies in its simplicity.

  • Not Looking For Platform Independence, Forget Java

Are you looking for a concept that emphasizes writing a code each time you execute it and that too at different environments? If so, don’t go in for Java because it strictly follows the ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ concept and its platform independence is widely appreciated and garnered.

  • If No Open Source, No Java Required

If you are not looking for open source, don’t look for Java Application Development Service either, since Java is completely open sourced and hence free, fast and cost-effective, allowing a lot of modifications and changes in the framework.

  • If No Flexibility Sought For, Don’t Go In For Java

Seeking a rigid and predefined framework? Don’t look for Java then. Java is known for developing any kind of framework and develops any type of application. Since it adheres to OOPS, there is a large amount of flexibility and modularity.

  • No Java Preferred If No Intelligent IDEs / Rich APIs Needed

If you are not looking for easily searchable IDEs and Rich APIs, Java is not the option to choose. Java assures a worthwhile experience for developers and hence is a great attraction for developers to use. It has an enriched API with a diversity of functionalities which are quite useful during the development course.

  • Not Looking for Skilled Resources, No Java Necessary

Java is a pleasurable choice when it comes to skilled resource availability since developers crave to learn it and that too with perfection and enthusiasm. Just in case you are not looking for a variety of hiring models or skilled resources, it would be best not to look at Java.

However negative or sarcastic this article may have sounded, the one glaring fact that comes out sharply is you cannot do without Java if you want your business to succeed and grow smoothly, consistently and effectively. Java Application Development Services has succeeded extensively in striking a chord with the developer community and achieving excellence in speed, security, reliability, and portability. What is to be appreciated is there is continual growth in the language by adding on different kinds of frameworks, add-ons, plug-ins, and tools. Hence, it keeps pace with the fast-moving technologies and is able to satisfy communities with its performance. Be a Java follower, we already are.

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