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June 27, 2016

A picture speaks a thousand words, or rather a chart sketches a thousand truths. Facts and figures related to websites, their numbers, their creation and their benefits say it all! Custom web application development gains a growing importance and how! Club it with the newer devices and gadgets, an era of brand newcommerce is born.

Website Development

The much coveted Web Server Survey conducted in May 2016 too indicates of the presence of 1,033,790,346 sites all across the globe. Important websites keep making their debuts year on year.

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Businesses Going Online Because………

An Online Business is a Credible Business

A business owning a website comes across as a trustworthy source. It is a natural tendency for the customers to check the details of an entity on a website before progressing with a further association. This is especially very useful for the small and medium sized businesses who can avoid the expenses of marketing their businesses to create awareness.

A Website is a Perfect Showcase for a Business

Smart portrayals using portfolios and galleries, client testimonials and other innovative methods of exhibiting work done or products and services offered go a long way in creating a sense of confidence in the minds of the reader. Using custom web application development services, businesses arrive at appropriate integration of design, requirements and technology for their websites.

The Website is Always Accessible

A website is accessible to both customers and potential consumers 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year. This means that the customers avail the services, carry out transactions and keep checking useful information without the fear of being turned away in any instance.

With the changing lifestyles, this is a great ease to the consumers and the business holders too.

A Website is a Conducive Marketing Tool

Gone are the days when it was a debate as to should businesses have a website or not. Basically today it is a need that a business has rather than a choice. Websites turn out to be the most conducive and cheap marketing platform as compared to the conventional print media or radio or TV. Given a wide variety of technology and frameworks to choose from, creating a website is cost friendly and effective tool to rely on.

Online Presence Targets a Wider Audience

e-Commerce reigns supreme in the modern day approach of availing services, buying things or basically getting things done. Thanks to the web and the intelligent websites hosted all across, the boundaries of geographies get erased quite easily and the business can cater to an audience all across the globe creating a global community of patrons.

Customer Relationship Management gets a Whole New Meaning

  • Timely & Relevant Communications

A website is a boon to build better relationships with customers. Appropriate and timely messaging or mailing to the customers becomes very easily integrated into the ERPs enabled with e-Commerce putting CRM into a completely new perspective.

  • Integrating Customer Feedback & Behavior

Listening to feedbacks, analyzing customer behavior and answering to queries put in by them, helps the business to plan their next moves. A website with smart user interfaces integrates all of these into the user experience itself.

  • Establishes Long Term Customer Engagement

A website is an enticing and easy medium to remain connected with the customers. A perfectly designed website keeps the customer informed about the business with announcements and on goings of the business.

The websites work like an online brochure or a catalogue of products and services constantly being shared with the clients, keeping them well informed and ensuring long term engagement.

A Website Easily Integrates Big Data & Analytics

A website constantly collects data and sends it to the central depository manned by the concepts of Big Data. Analyzing this intelligently curated data is a well discussed concept. The work flows in a website itself captures appropriate data, helping predictions likely to be arrived at by the Analytics and Business Intelligence more comprehensive and fruitful.

Interesting to Know Important Websites and Their Launch Years

In a Nutshell

Going online is nothing new, but leveraging a website to collect data, listen to the on goings and integrating the powers of social media is hot. Approaches defined by modern day techniques when successfully availed through a website makes a huge difference for a business.

A company that does not have any online entity is considered as non-existent in the modern and competitive business world. An appropriately designed online informative website with well written content enables customers to easily market the business and sell products and services with informed purchasing choices. The web provides a marketing platform that gives a cost effective way to reach wider audience as compared to the conventional marketing techniques.

Custom web application development today caters to intuitive ways to make the most of this approach to software design.

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