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June 25, 2018

“Data is what you need to do analytics. Information is what you need to do business.”John Owen

One of the most rewarding asset to any organization, highlighting the right information at the right time at the right place, in the right format is what Business Intelligence offers, to its finest. Business Intelligences services have proven to be an indispensable ingredient in the success and growth of any business, irrespective of geography, size or domain. With heaps of information growing in enterprises day by day, the need for a competent and scalable BI tool is highly evident. Amongst the popular BI tools and services ruling the globe, one of the leading names which has been carving a niche for itself, is Tableau services. Tableau offers desktop, server and hosted software that facilitates end-users to connect with their data, explore it further with insightful visualization. Owing to its facility of native connectors, Tableau BI can query relational and cloud databases, spreadsheets and flat files.

Tableau Business Intelligence Consulting Services have been changing the face of business towards an assertive note. When Tableau was founded around 15 years back, did we even know it would be so popular and be one of the most preferred data visualization tools? Today, Tableau has been acknowledged as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the 6th year consecutively for its competence to perform and comprehensiveness of vision.

“Above all else show the data”– Edward Tufte

Key USPs & Reasons Why World’s Top Organizations Pick Tableau Services

  • Range of Products, Anyone Can Use

Tableau technologies come as a vivid range of products – in a desktop, server, and online hosted model. They support a wide range of database connectors and flat files (CSV, spreadsheets).

Tableau Server

Facilitates allotment of dashboard across organizational teams and encourages collaboration. It is supported by Windows and Linux.

Tableau Online

A consistent and protected hosted Tableau server version to skip hardware configuration. With the help of iOS / Android apps, data can be availed on the go with Tableau Mobile, with enriched self-service analytics in the cloud.

Tableau Public

As a free software, you can attach to a file/spreadsheet and prepare collaborative data visualizations for the web.

Tableau Desktop

A powerful data visualization tool with a highly interactive dashboard. It is supported by Windows and Mac. Tableau Reader facilitates opening and interaction with data visualizations created with Tableau Desktop.

  • Simplistic Usage with Higher Acceptance

Tableau BI is known for its self-service analytical skillset that encourages increasing number of users to play with data and get their desired information. With more number of users getting involved in the data analytics, there is seamless knowledge exchange between stakeholders with a good amount of transparency between IT and the other departmental users.

  • Advanced Versatility with Reduced Costs

One of the prime reasons why Tableau has been a leader in BI tools it because it understands the requirements and wants of every client in its own way. Be it any data strategy, any cloud premise, any hardware, any OS, Tableau BI has its own set of data connectors that can connect to the data across any type of deployment infrastructure. Tableau does not have any unseen costs that, later, can lead to budgeting issues. Hence, it has been cited as a tool with higher acceptance rates, quicker time to perceptions and lesser training costs.

  • Tableau Community Reflecting Innovation and Culture

With users from almost all geographic areas and industry segments, the Tableau community is a perfect blend of user groups from all over the world, contributing in terms of advanced knowledge sharing, training sessions, tutorials, certifications, data visualization courses, FAQ forums, classroom programs to name a few. No wonder, Tableau has been rated as an “Excellent” tool by more than 90% of its customers. It is popular for its fervent and involved user community that looks for advice, asks queries, shares commendations, showcases their work, posts suggestions on a regular basis.

  • Competent Visualization, Reporting and Dashboard Generation

Increasing the productivity and engagement level of the users by a great extent, Tableau showcases its open visualization design competences and visualization outputs to garner finest of business verdicts and that too, in a fast and efficient manner. It effortlessly links with your data warehouse and with the help of its data connectors, can join data from disparate data sources. You can even execute queries without writing any code. It helps you in data filtration and displays relationships. It even facilitates dashboard interaction using Apple / Android-based devices and browsers.

“BI is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can take the right decisions” – Nic Smith

Tableau BI has been a brilliant BI tool that has made life of its end users easy and simple with its data visualization conveniences and flexible user-friendliness. These data visualization features have simplified enterprises to analyze their business procedures to a greater depth, empowering stakeholders like sales teams, top management, customers, distributors, etc. to have a comprehensive view of the activities in front of their eyes. Tableau has been accomplished enough to get the best of the data that is accessible. One of the recent experiences – Tableau has used matched audiences on LinkedIn to boost qualified leads. It extracts all the likely information and presents it in the best possible way and thereby unleashes the potential of an individual to use the analyzed information for the growth of the business.

As leading Tableau Consultants in India, our skilled resources have been implementing multiple Tableau Business Intelligence Consulting Services, in vivid technologies that can give your organization the best of business efficiency and effectiveness. Our business intelligence services have been efficaciously implemented across a wide range of enterprise clientele, all around the globe. Our enhanced technical experience in BI showcases capabilities that facilitates end-users to gain data connectivity, visualization along with creation and sharing of dashboards steadily at a fast-paced go. A foremost BI tool across the world – as very user-friendly and versatile, Tableau BI has been the key strength area for our Tableau developers and designers, attracting users’ big time. Its commanding engine is highly talented to help multi-layered analytical glitches.

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