Parameters Tableau Excel
Purpose Visualization and representation of insights from raw data Quick calculations, organization, and formatting of data
Tool Type Data visualization tool Spreadsheet tool
Data Size Ideal for large datasets, Big Data Ideal for small to medium-sized datasets
Performance Efficient and fast in performance even as the data size increases Tough to offer great performance when data increases
Data Sources Easy connection with varied sources in real-time Plug-ins necessary for non-excel sources
Key Features User-friendly, quick, and interactive visualization. Powerful and intuitive. Data joining and merging. Manipulation of large sets. Descriptive and manipulative statistics. Multi-layered calculations on data. Ad hoc data management. Using inbuilt functions.
Application Users Data scientists, data analysts Data analysts, developers, ETL DBA
Data Exploration Exploring data through interactive dashboards Limited exploration of data through spreadsheets
Display of Data Through pictorial or graphical representation. With dashboards to spot patterns, trends, etc. Visual reports are available right from the beginning without any filtration. Through spreadsheets in a tabular format through cells. With graphs, charts, etc. to highlight an insight. Filtration is needed at the cell level after which visualization is created.
Ease of Use No programming knowledge required Knowledge of customized functions needed
Data Ingestion Live connection link to data sources, saves a lot of time Obtaining from other sources is time-consuming
Data Visualization Huge range of customized inbuilt charts Simple and restricted Excel charts
Sharing of Dashboards Creating and sharing a dashboard is difficult Dashboard sharing is easy to handle
Security Control Data security ensured through many options without scripting Limited security controls offered for data
Application Integration Integrates seamlessly with 250+ applications Integrates seamlessly with 60+ applications
Formulas and Calculations Easy and more powerful to create customized formulas Involves the creation of macros and some level of programming
Data Blending Easier in Tableau by importing from different sources and adding relationships A little complicated in Excel by writing formulas and then computing accordingly
Drilling Down of Data Users can freely explore data by drill-down and data blending features. Trends and correlations can also be spotted. Drill-down data is less flexible as users need to move through the tabular formats. Exploring information is complicated.
Automatic Refresh Automatic refreshing of Tableau applications is easy as it is intuitive and recurring processes can be created. Custom formulas can also be applied. Automatic refreshing Excel worksheets require the creation of macros of manual programming methods which becomes difficult.