Till Death Do We Part! Analytics & Mobile Tech, Bonded by Love!


May 2, 2017


May 1st, 2023

Who says love has nothing to do with technology? We have heard about love blooming with technology on Valentine’s in a millennial world, an affair to remember with Big Data & Enterprises and we also know about how it takes two to tango when it comes to bonding over technology!

With Big Data Analytics services & Mobility, love unfolds in a completely different fashion sweeping away the enterprises, employees & customers off their feet as they behold this union of two of the biggest trends in the past few years!

Software development companies recognize how completely different these two are, their requirements and the magic they create when they get together!

Till Death Do We Part


Made for Each Other

Analytics & Big Data would never have become the pulse of the new age unless data was being captured all the time, unless there were relevant notifications & messages passed on to the users all the time; all made much easier with mobile devices.

It is tough to say who works harder for make this union work; Analytics or Mobility. These trending technologies become integral & indispensable in almost all systems today, across domains & industries, facilitating new age approaches like the Internet of Things along with keeping the millennial users engaged.

Pleasing Them All

Mobility & Analytics bind interdepartmental workflows onto a comprehensive platform with easily shared data & reduced redundancy of operations. The efficient workflows offer improved experiences to all the users, within the organization and outside.

The continuous capture of behaviours & preferences of stakeholders; employees, partners, associates and customers using mobile devices prompts enterprises to introduce ground-breaking changes to provide superlative user experiences.

The synchronized actions resulting because of the union of Analytics & Mobility is complete.

Offering Productive Workforce Experiences

Working from anytime-anywhere is in and so is work-life integration. The mobile workforce if connected to information judiciously, especially in the self-service mode can ask what they want and know what they want, quite easily. Making collaboration easier, this approach increases their productivity manifolds.

Real-time visibilities into the on-goings increases the efficiencies of the workflows, giving the workforce a superlative edge over the competitors through actionable insights.

Big Data, Analytics and Mobility fostering Contemporary Approaches
  • Focused Data Collection
  • Improved Management of Versatile Data
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Conducive Visibilities for Keypersons
  • Supports Self-Service Concepts

Designing Engaging Customer Experiences

The magic of personalized experiences enabled by this innovative tech combination make the customers feel more relevant & connected, making them come back for more. Appropriate communications triggered by Analytics drawn up from past behavior to predict preferences & the requirements of the customers hit the bull’s eye more easily.

Omnichannel experiences realized more seamlessly by integrating this duo with modern day offerings like the discrete beacons makes the union complete.

Empowering Enterprises

This much-discussed combination empowers enterprises like none other.

Offers Unique Ways of Marketing

Big Data & Analytics services capture data from multiple sources by being in sync with mobile devices at Points of Sales, Orders, Surveys, Feedbacks & Interactions to collate & derive actionable information revealing hidden patterns of the customers

  • Personalized Marketing
  • Multichannel Marketing
  • Omnichannel Marketing

A seamless marketing exercise across channels like social media, personal visits, brick and mortar stores, websites or even phone calls is realized with this combination.

Accurate Analysis & Real-Time Predictions

A powerful offering when mobility & Analytics combine aims to construct knowledge for the enterprise to combat competition as well as improving visibilities for people within & introspection.

Predictive models capture the data with the omnipresent mobile devices & analyze them to judge the market demands. Combining these assessments with the corrective variations in the business models, service plans and product designs this combination assures evolution of businesses.

Catering to Diverse Enterprise Solutions

The combination has unique ways of adding value to core enterprise solutions used by stakeholders on-premise or on the go with an anytime-anywhere approach.

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems

Enabling Contemporary Approaches

Mobility & Analytics become instrumental in building IoT enabled contemporary ecosystems by binding diverse technology & approaches together.


Almost every industry thinkable capitalizes on the capabilities of this tiny gadget to sense data & grab attention continuously in sync with Big Data, Analytics & of course mobile devices. Contemporary marketing strategies gain impetus by this powerful inclusion.


User engagement gets a completely new avatar with Gamification. A completely fresh approach to doing business & work; gaming while doing the more routine and serious things is the exciting new way to entice and motivate users while value adding to enterprise solutions. Data collection becomes a part of the game itself with Big Data & Analytics with mobile devices keeps the communications intuitive.


A new age practical idea is an obviously preferred way of getting things doing today. Gets different skills, abilities and strengths together without the hassles of recruiting or training most practically with mobile access & analytics. With a ready-made, superior pool of resources made available, enterprises improve their productivity & efficiencies of doing tasks tremendously.

In a Nutshell

Romance is in the air and this interesting combination has the most promising future ever predicted by reliable researchers!

  • 87% of enterprises think that Big Data Solutions are all set to completely change the competitive landscape in the next three years
  • By 2020, 70% of the world population would be a mobile user
  • 73% of the businesses invest more than 20% of their total technology budget on Big Data analytics
  • Global mobile data traffic will increase 8 times by 2020
  • 76% of industry experts believe that Big Data is likely to grow more in the coming years

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