UI / UX Development for Parallax Design- A Niche Designing Technique

  • Posted on : August 24, 2015
  • Modified: March 2, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
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Parallax web design is a relatively newer concept in UI/UX design for websites, but finds its roots in a very traditional technique for animation in the mid and the early nineties. The concept works at creating an illusion of depth by moving different layers of art at different speeds. This idea gained popularity with the advent of the 2 D Video games and the basic browser-based games for their side scrolling effects.

Parallax Web Design

A Few Sites for Parallax Website Design

A picture tells a thousand words they say. Let us straight have a look into these wonderful websites, their unique UI/UX development methodologies to understand Parallax Design. Click on these magical links to see how a website with parallax design sets out to give a unique user experience!

Nike Better World website launched in 2011 was the website that started it all. Parallax design for a unique never like before UI / UX design for an unforgettable User Experience.

The sites listed below are worth dying for as well!




The Aesthetics of UI/ UX Development for Parallax Design

People started exploring UI/UX Development for parallax design, or parallax scrolling as it is known only to flaunt technology. Mature designers explored this concept as a means to

  • Create an unforgettable user experience
  • Story telling on websites
  • Attract attention to varied content

Methods adopted for Parallax Website Design

This UI/UX Development can be done by following methods


  • Compositing and refreshing pixel lines in an image
  • Done in a top to bottom order
  • Introduces a small delay between drawing individual lines

Layers Method

  • Multiple layers defined
  • Layers made to move vertically or horizontally
  • Scrolling of layers introduced at different speeds
  • Layer movement could be automatic or user-controlled

Pattern Manipulation

  • To create parallax by floating multiple screens over repeated backgrounds


  • Compositing various images into one
  • Follows pseudo-layers
  • Only one part of the image is visible by positioning the image at different angles
  • Creates a 3D effect on flat images

Advantages of UI/UX Development for Parallax Design

A UI/UX Design with Parallax scrolling offers many advantages and a few are as obvious as these

A Unique User Experience with powerful User Interfaces

  • Parallax design offers powerful visuals to entice the reader
  • This design livens up a website with lesser content
  • This site has impressive effects and creates a long lasting impression
  • The animations are almost real like and enrich a flat page to look like a 3D page
  • The design leads the visitors through different parts of the site through well thought of animations and scrolling
  • A story telling approach taken up by in this UI/ UX development is instrumental in guiding the users in a very engaging manner through the website in style and panache

A surer way to increase the time spent on the website

  • The catchy UI/UX development ensures that there is increase in time spent on the website
  • Most visitors scroll right through to the bottom of the page until the animations end ensuring higher engagement period of the visitors
  • The website traffic sees a definite increase by this outcome
  • It is a good method to put Call to Actions (CTAs) to use

Intelligent design technique put to use

  • The Parallax Design effect is applicable not only for two-dimensional effect creation. It can be also used for adding different effects to the page such as icon moving, icon enlargement and minimization based on scrolling
  • A competent method used for both 2D and 3D effects creation

Disadvantages of UI/UX Development for Parallax Design

In spite of the visual powers, the UI/UX development done for Parallax Design has various technical disadvantages.

  • Multiple layers and animations makes these sites “heavy”
  • These sites take a longer time to load
  • High “weight” of pages coming from several layers and animations can significantly increase load times.
  • UI/UX Development of this type requires excessive embedding into the code, reducing site search conversion rates
  • Parallax scrolling has poorer results in mobile versions.
  • A single page Parallax website has only one meta, Heading 1 and URL, reducing the benefits gained from SEO

Rules to Make the User Experience of a Parallax website more relevant

When doing the UI/UX development of a parallax site, there are rules of thumb to be borne in mind.

  • This design is the best for visual story telling
  • Keep it simple and avoid too many gimmicks
  • Make it engaging with depth using layering
  • Use CTAs to navigate the visitors through the site
  • Take particular care for mobile browsing

In a Nutshell

A completely different method to engage the visitors of the website to increase the traffic in a fresh and simulating method, UI/UX development for parallax websites comes of age.

SPEC INDIA boasts of an experienced design team that possesses over a decade of designing experience. While designing any application, we begin by taking a creative briefing with you, which enables us to understand your likes and dislikes, home colors, branding nuances etc. We start by creating mock-up designs by using user interface tools that simulate actions and pre-visualize the reactions.

With our rich experience and deep insight in UI UX design, SPEC INDIA believes in showcasing your business to the world in a way that no one forgets.

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