Parameters Vue React
Overview A progressive JavaScript framework created in 2014 A JavaScript library for creating user interfaces, created in 2013
Learning Curve Easy to learn It is a little challenging if TypeScript is not known
State Management Library Vue State Management Library is called VueX or Pinia React State Management Library is called Redux, MobX, Recoil, etc.
Complex Features It offers an adaptable architecture for the management of complicated features. It takes the support of various state management libraries for complicated features.
Syntax HTML (default), JSX JSX (JavaScript XML)
Size of Framework Ideal for lightweight and single-page apps Suitable for modern web development
Flexibility Flexible through native extensions Flexible through third-party add-ons
Performance Ideal for single-page apps, faster when it comes to creating components Suitable for scalable apps, automatic rendering of HTML pages with a standalone object model
Mobile Device Adaptability Support for Weex – a mobile UI framework Support for React Native – for Android and iOS native apps
Size About 80 kb About 100 kb
Data Binding Two-way data binding One-way data binding
Scalability Less scalable as compared to React More scalable as compared to Vue
Tooling Vite and Vue-CLI Official CLI Create React app
Third-party and Pre-built Tools The core team develops various tools and libraries, along with community-based solutions. It has a competent architecture, component state management, and DOM manipulation.
Use Cases Single Page Applications, Progressive Web Apps, Online Repositories, CMS, eCommerce Sites, Online Ticket Booking Platforms, Social Media Platforms, 2D Board Games, Real-Time Web Apps, Hybrid Mobile Apps Media Sites, Single Page Applications, Travel Booking Apps, SaaS Solutions, CMS, Educational Apps, Video Streaming Platforms, Interactive Dashboards, e-commerce Websites, Progressive Desktop Apps, Web Apps, Mobile Apps