Self Service Business Intelligence Plugin

Our cutting-edge & useful Self Service BI solution – a plugin component for Pentaho Community edition users has been widely accepted on the Pentaho marketplace for global users and developers. Garnering appreciation from a wide group of clienteles, this innovative and enriched plugin aims to serve as a dashboard module for business analyst to independently, create reusable widgets / dashboards and is sure to benefit the community with its visually appealing features, dashboards and reports. As a self service data analytics plugin, it is an independent framework, in which the end users can independently, extract the data and create desired reports and queries with least help from the technical department.


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Key Highlights of SSBI Reporting & Analytics

As a self service reporting plugin, it showcases the below USPs, because of which it has carved a niche for itself:

  • Robust BI framework
  • Integration of any chart library (CE: Ctools, EE: Highchart, Fusion, echart)
  • Integration of any data source Layer (CDA – Community Dashboard Access SQL, Saiku Open Source)
  • Creation of Flexy Cube (Our own self-created data source component for easy integration) for star-schema based database
  • Pinboard (Resizable & draggable pins, smart chart suggestion, chart listener, variety of filters, advanced table grid features, conditional formatting, view full screen, export in CSV/Excel)

Salient Features in Self Service BI Tools

  • Open source
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design
  • Filtration and widget linking feature
  • Easily embeddable feature
  • Multi-tenant capability

  • Web based / Bootstrap based
  • Easy filtration and multiple Pin linking
  • Multi-tenant capability
  • Multi Chart utility (Report Template Engine)
  • Comments for a Pin & Pinboard

Advantage of Self Service Reporting Solutions

Developed with advanced technology platforms: – Pentaho BA Community Edition, C Tools (CCC, CDA), Angular JS and JQuery/JavaScript, this SSBI plugin is useful for business users and analysts, who benefit in the following ways:

  • Enhanced self service analytics
  • Rich visualization
  • Helps take quick and accurate business decisions
  • Desired reports / dashboards your own way
  • Less dependency on IT staff
  • Detailed insight into heaps of information

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