Smart Faces Pro, App for Trendy Watch Faces by SPEC INDIA Free for a Month

  • Posted on : August 10, 2015
  • Author : SPEC INDIA

Wearable technology changes our lives and how! At SPEC INDIA we acknowledge the trends of the day and offer Smart Faces Pro, an App for chic & trendy Watch Faces for your Android watches. Smart Faces Pro turns your Android powered timepieces into a statement of style, class and panache.

Smatr Faces Pro


And the good news is that SMART FACES PRO IS COMPLETELY FREE FOR A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Available in nine enticing designs worth dying for, there is a Smart Face Pro to suit all styles and shapes. Round or Square! The very sleek Black Luxury or the suave Belleza; the dandy Roman Expresar or the pristine White Gesicht; the nostalgic Ancient Egypt or the haunting Phantom and not to forget the ever so smart Redulce, the moody Silkyblue or the modish Bianco are all worth having on your wrist!

SPEC INDIA sets out to fuse technology and fashion using Smart Watches, both with Android and Apple. After launching Smart Wear earlier this year, SPEC INDIA launches four new apps for the watches making sure we have it all covered. Style, health, entertainment and more.

Check out further about our Mobile App Development Services and request for a free PoC.

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