Java Development

Known as a general-purpose, rich, and dynamic programming language, Java is a top choice to develop future-ready web, mobile, and desktop applications, faster and easier. SPEC INDIA’s decades-long and deep experience in core Java, modern Java architecture, java front-end and backend frameworks, along with design-centric approach help you meet your business and technology goals, seamlessly.

Using the modern Java tech stack and modern architecture, we develop sustainable, full-cycle, secure, and scalable Java web applications, irrespective of business domains and sizes. With the 30+ years of experience in crafting successful digital solutions, our dedicated Java professionals possess expertise in building avant-garde web applications using a right blend of latest Java frameworks and modern development approaches like agile and DevOps.

Our secure model and standardized practices combined with a design-centric approach help organizations utilize advancement in technologies to deliver exceptional user experiences. Our agile, secure, and reliable solutions help organizations to scale up without complexities.

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    Java Application Development

    Being a leading Java app development company, our experienced Java developers are capable of delivering full-stack, comprehensive Java-based solutions including complex, multi-layer web applications, custom product development, integration with third-party tools for high performance, legacy app migration, product reengineering and monitoring, and customization of existing applications.

    Our Top-Ranked Java Development Services Include:

    • Modern Java Web Development:

    We offer superior, scalable, and secure web application development using modern Java frameworks and agile methodologies to deliver end-to-end web apps with faster time-to-market.

    • Java Application Modernization:

    We modernize your existing legacy products with the help of modern infrastructure and processes to improve performance, eliminate risks, and maximize ROI.

    • Java Enterprise Apps Migration

    Upgrade your current enterprise Java apps(Struts, EJB, JSP Servlet, Swing, Hibernate) into modern, responsive, and engaging web experiences to avoid potential setbacks.

    • Java Integration

    Gain more control and extend the functionality of the application by integrating it with various third-party tools like Spring, Vaadin, Grails, Azure, MongoDB, Okta, JUnit, etc. at development, deployment, and testing level to achieve faster time-to-market and code reusability with an added advantage of improved performance.

    • Java Integration With Salesforce

    We offer seamless integration of Java EE applications with Salesforce via REST APIs to reduce cost, improve performance, and leverage benefits of Salesforce platform.

    • Modern Java Application Architecture:

    Our developers are capable of delivering applications using modern tech architecture and concepts like Microservices, serverless, real-time data analytics and containerization using tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka in agile and DevOps way.

    • Product Development And Monitoring:

    We offer full-cycle product development right from ideas to implementation to monitoring using the latest tools and technologies like Splunk and DataDog.

    • Full-Stack Development

    Our expert Java developers deliver full-stack development using modern and innovative front-end and back-end frameworks along with modern databases and application servers to offer a seamless experience.

    • Cross-Platform Java Mobile App Development

    Build real-world, interactive, and cross-platform mobile apps using Java or Kotlin programming language and deploy on native platforms to meet business transformation needs.

    Technology Expertise

    Cutting-Edge Technologies And Proven Approaches For Java Software Development

    We make the best use of modern tools and revolutionary development approaches to develop applications with maximum efficiency and agility.



    • Requirement Discussion
    • Idea Feasibility
    • Define BRD
    • Document SRS
    • Architecture Planning
    • Define Project Plan


    • HTML Wireframe
    • Responsive Design
    • Front-end Design
    • Back-end Design
    • Prototype Design


    • Latest Framework
    • POC
    • Agile Development
    • CI/CD
    • Cloud and DevOps
    • API Integration
    QA & Support

    QA & Support

    • Derive Usecases
    • Manual Testing
    • Automated Testing
    • Load Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • SLA Driven Support

    Java App Development

    Combining 30+ years of experience and expertise in Java-based applications across diverse domains, we are a reliable technology partner to accomplish business transformation objectives. Our expert Java developers keep themselves updated with the latest tools and concepts, resulting in profitable, high-quality, and secure app development.

    Java’s Advantages Over Other Programming Language:
    • A whole ecosystem of platform, languages, and tools
    • Rich, vibrant community for support
    • Simple and easy-to-use applications
    • Offers write once, run anywhere feature
    • High-level of security at every level
    • User-friendly, engaging, and interactive applications
    • Enterprise-grade, high-quality, and sustained performance
    • Ensures high availability and flexibility

    Why SPEC INDIA As Java Development Company?

    Java Expertise

    Our skilled developers and designers possess the right skill set to implement comprehensive, full-cycle, and scalable Java solutions across various business domains.

    Rich Portfolio

    Our global clientele includes Fortune 100 companies, SMEs, startups, and large enterprises, making us a trustworthy technology partner for a multitude of services.

    Decades-Long Experience

    We have more than 30 years of experience in transforming businesses with secure, future-ready, and feature-rich digital solutions at cost-effective rates.

    Support And Maintenance

    Our team walks the extra mile to take every challenge and solve issues quickly, ensuring efficient results to achieve faultless performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Java was created by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems Inc. in 1991. He desired to create a new language that would facilitate electronic devices for easy communication.

    Java Development Kit (JDK), officially named as ‘Java SE’ or ‘Java Platform Standard Edition’, can be installed from the download page of ‘Java SE Downloads’. Users can accept the license agreement, choose the desired OS, and download and install the JDK executable file.

    A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) facilitates a computer to execute Java programs and other programs that are compiled to Java bytecode. It contains a specification that shows what are the requirements in any JVM implementation.

    Yes, Java can be used effectively for web development and in creating complex, robust and secure web applications.

    Java is considered good for creating mobile Android games and web-based games. It is not considered ideal for video game development.

    A Java full stack developer means a developer who possesses detailed knowledge and proficiency in full-stack tools and frameworks that go well with Java. It includes technologies like Core Java, REST API, Servlets, etc.

    JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment. JRE consists of libraries and software needed by the Java programs to execute.

    JIT compiler stands for Just In Time compiler. It is a major component of the OpenJ9 VM and focuses on enhancing the performance of Java apps through the compilation of Java bytecode into native machine code during runtime. If the JIT compiler was not there, the virtual machine would need an extra CPU and memory usage.

    Hire Java Developers

    Hire our skilled and certified Java programmers to craft reliable, scalable, and secure Java applications using cutting-edge tools and proven methodologies to achieve digital transformation goals.