Java Application Development

We at SPEC INDIA, have been providing custom enterprise solutions and have been into Java Application Development, managing and maintaining Java based systems of our esteemed enterprise clients, in industry domains like Sales & Distribution, Finance, Logistics, Education, Supply Chain Management, Health care to name a few, for over 15 years and enriching our skills and expertise in providing them Enterprise, Business, Social and Third party applications be it web based, thick client based or mobile based solutions.

We provide best-in-class Java development services to our clients in India and abroad. We have successfully developed and implemented multiple n-tier Java / J2EE / J2ME based applications, with a merger of various frameworks, architectures and databases. With comprehensive implementation of Model View Controller (MVC) technologies, we possess the expertise to migrate from a legacy system to a Java/J2EE based solution. We also offer our “Hire a Java Developer” service, by providing skilled and experienced resources that can augment your short and long term requirements ensuring the best of quality and knowledge base.

Our Capabilities

Our portfolio highlights the most contemporary architectures and agile development methodologies like Immutable Deployments through Virtualized Containers – Using Docker, Microservices-based Architectures with Spring Boot, Continuous Integration with Bamboo, Cloud automation using AWS, Continuous Delivery and Development mindset using Devops Teams.

Our Java proficiency encompasses knowledge of various J2EE frameworks and toolkits although not limited to

  • Cloud Based Applications
  • Amazon Web-services (AWS) integration
  • Deployment and Optimization Services(Window and Linux Servers)
  • Code Standardization and Review / Architectural / Reporting Framework / Deployment and Optimization Services
  • Architectural Services
  • Reporting Framework Services
  • Web Services (SOAP, REST) / Mobile Apps / Portal / Web Application / Desktop Application / Back office (for Mobile / Smart phone Apps) Development
  • Back office development for Mobile/Smart Phone Apps
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • RIA Applications
  • Portal Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Desktop applications development
  • Create Web 3.0 and Desktop look modern web application using industry standards framework

Java has been considered an apt language for connected devices and hence Java Development in India has an increasing demand in the embedded market today. We have capabilities to implement Java Embedded solutions in the “IoT” technology (Internet of Things) – a network of material things, linked through wireless networks and “M2M” technology (Machine to Machine) – a system of networks capturing information through sensor / meter devices etc.

At the core of the Java Mobile Platform is the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME). We have been handling projects with Java ME, using technologies like Oracle Java Wireless Client, a multitasking Java ME runtime optimized for the leading mobile phone platforms; Java ME SDK, a state-of-the-art toolbox for developing and testing mobile applications; Light Weight UI Toolkit (LWUIT), a compact library for the creation of rich user interfaces and Oracle Java ME Embedded, designed and optimized to meet the unique requirements of small, low power devices.

Why Java / J2EE?

  • Extensibility
  • Powerful development platform
  • Robust architecture
  • Reliable security features
  • Platform independence
  • Faster development with ease
  • Less turnaround time for matrix
  • Seamless integration
  • High quality performance
  • Secure framework
  • Cost effectiveness through free open source architecture
  • Shortened development cycles

Java Factory Process

Technology Matrix