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What Is Telemedicine? Explained In 200 Words


April 21, 2020


June 29th, 2023

Telemedicine is the practice of caring for patients using information and communication technologies like video-conferencing, calls, text/chat using mobile devices or computers.

With help of telemedicine software, health professionals can diagnose, treat, or evaluate patients at a distance without in-person visits.

Telemedicine – a term coined in 1970 and first started on landline telephones.

It helps patients to connect with doctors more frequently and access better healthcare virtually without geographical boundaries. Health professionals and patients – both can share more information, and discuss issues, symptoms, or tips in real-time and with more comfort.

Types of telemedicine:

Interactive medicine, remote patient monitoring, and store & forward.

This is very beneficial for rural patients who have limited access to advanced facilities and expert consultation.

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Benefits for patients:

  • Faster, better, and advanced healthcare services
  • No travel time or expense
  • No risk of infections

Benefits for providers:

  • Frequent and faster follow-ups and better result
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved overall efficiency
  • Better management of patients and appointments

Applications – Follow-up visits, Preventative care support, Remote post-hospitalization care, School-based telehealth

It has the potential to transform patient care, education, monitoring, medical advice, and admissions by allowing contact of remotely distant patients and physicians.


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