Parameters Java Golang
Overview An object-oriented language, compiled into Java Virtual Machine A concurrent, procedural language, compiled to native machine code
Go Vs Java Performance Makes use of a Virtual Machine layer, slow because of JVM overhead and its virtual machine architecture. Makes use of binary file to compile code, fast because of efficient compilation. High performance and low latency processing.
Use Cases Simulation modeling, mobile apps, application servers, web servers, big data, embedded systems, financial organizations, trading platforms, games, IoT, edge devices, mission-critical applications, Android-based applications, software and mobile applications, etc. Cloud-based services, high-load services, backend development, Real-time communication, bot programming, network utilities, container orchestration tools, web servers, APIs, database servers, Microservices, server-side development, distributed services, Machine Learning apps, etc.
Tools That Can Be Integrated Jenkins, Junit, Site24x7, Mockito, Apache Maven, NetBeans, ManageEngine, Ehcache, VisualVM, Oracle JDeveloper, etc. GoLand, LiteIDE, Visual Studio Code, GoAudio, bot, authboss, goth, 1build, cosmos-sdk, acmd, CDS, aconfig etc.
Memory Intense on memory utilization, presence of a traditional garbage collector managing memory Light on memory utilization has pointers and no links for garbage collection
Ease of Learning Code A little complex to learn to code in Java Easy and simple to learn to code in Go
Community Support Deep-rooted, experienced community support Knowledgeable and expanding community support
Syntax Verbose syntax with object-oriented features, more punctuation marks, and keywords, appropriate classes, and objects Readable and simple syntax, with fewer punctuation marks and keywords. Easy for users, with no classes and objects.
Concurrency Concurrency with threads, synchronized blocks, Java commands Inbuilt support for concurrency with Goroutines, Channels, and other routines
Tooling/Libraries Large variety of libraries and tooling Fewer variety of libraries and tooling
Deployment Needs JVM for deployment Deploys with compiled binaries
Web Development Access to ecosystems and libraries for developing web apps Extensive support for Microservices and API for creating web apps
Generics Supported Not supported
Coding Speed and Style Stable and familiar coding style with the object-oriented way Compact and easy coding style, with accurate results
Access to Features Vast feature list Comparatively lesser features
Inheritance Supported Not supported
Mobile Development Huge support for Android SDK and other frameworks Limited native support for creating mobile apps
Skilled Resources Easily available since there is a vast talent pool Increasing day by day but relatively lesser
Security Security manager, no pointers Checksum database
Channel Supported Not supported
Classes Supports classes with constructors and de-constructors Does not support classes with constructors and de-constructors
Implicit Type Conversion Supported Not supported
Function Overloading Supported Not supported
Threads Expensive threads in Java Less expensive threads in Go
Type System Java possesses a static type system that has no support for type inference Go possesses a static type system that offers support for type inference
Package Management External package management tools like Maven, Gradle, etc. Inbuilt package management system called ‘go modules’