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Top 20 Medical Apps Elevating The Quality Of Healthcare


February 15, 2023


March 12th, 2024

One of the most volatile, important, and fast-moving segments globally is the healthcare segment. With increased access to smartphones and mobile technology ingraining itself in all domains, the fusion of medical apps into the healthcare units is inevitable and much in demand. Be it a doctor, patient, nurse, or any healthcare practitioner, there is a need for a medical app that can automate, smoothen, and streamline their activities.

There are thousands of medical apps that are accessible on their respective marketplaces. Medical app development and telehealth app development are in vogue now and healthcare solution providers are offering competitive mobile applications that are meant for patients, doctors, nurses, and others involved.

With these many medical apps around us, it becomes a tricky issue on which one to choose and why. Here is an exhaustive and well-thought-of list of the best medical apps that have proven their worth with their valuable results. Before that, let us glance through an overview of medical apps and their salient features and benefits.

What Are Medical Apps?

Medical apps are software applications that are designed specifically for healthcare service providers including doctors, patients, nurses, and others. These apps aim to offer instant access to information and services that are needed by the stakeholders, on different devices – mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc.

Medical apps today fall into three categories mainly – Medical apps for patients, medical apps for doctors, and medication apps for nurses. Some applications cater to all categories through mobile app development and there are some which cater to specific ones.

Some of the salient features that are looked for, in a medical app are the availability of medication, filters to search for necessary criteria, calculations of different body parameters, access to medical documents and history, high level of customization, third-party integration, user-friendly navigation and design, electronic medical records, AI integration and capability to connect to different medical devices.

Key Benefits of Medical Apps

Here are some of the evident benefits of medical apps, and reasons strong enough to increase their implementation and availability, the world over:

  • Better self-management of health
  • Easy and fast communication with healthcare service providers
  • Reduced cost of healthcare
  • Continuous connectivity and compatibility
  • High-end personal health data security and privacy
  • Access through GPS
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Immediate access to personal care
  • Tracking and calculating daily metrics and statistics


20 Popular Medical Apps Focusing on Enriched Quality Healthcare

Let’s now have a brief overview of these medical apps to understand them better.

  1. Doctor On Demand

    Doctor On Demand is one of the top medical apps that offer on-demand access or appointments with trusted doctors, from any device through tablets, smartphones, or computers. This app believes in offering the best of services wherever you are through a panel of physicians and psychiatrists, available as you need them. It is available round the clock with its services and consultation.

    This app facilitates the selection of your preferred doctor for different situations like emergency care, preventive health, chronic care, and behavioral health issues. It suggests personalized care regimes for your health and body, just the way you need it. There is no need to wait for doctors in queues with its virtual visit facility. There is a reasonable fee structure with accessible insurance schemes that can help.

  2. Amwell

    Amwell is one the best medical apps that connect patients to doctors from the comfort of your home or on the go. There are certified medical professionals who offer round-the-clock medical assistance, with on-demand services and scheduled appointments. There are a variety of health plans, insurance plans, and nursing facilities that can be accessed by patients. Patients can avail a great and secure experience with this app.

    There is electronic health records integration, telemedicine carts, kiosks, urgent care, therapy, psychiatry, nutrition, and lactation consulting that can be availed for a better, high-quality experience with an affordable pricing structure. This app has been most secure and confidential, complying well with HIPAA rules and regulations.

  3. Teladoc

    The Teladoc telehealth and medical app offers a fast and flexible option to avail medical services from your home or work, wherever you want it. It is convenient and offers the best care when the patient needs it the most. With its 24×7 medical assistance, it provides in-depth and trustworthy guidance from a panel of experienced doctors and has great dealings with insurance providers for easy patient management.

    This medical app for patients has been considered a global leader in the world of virtual medical care, getting good reviews from all over. It offers visit messages and notifications for information about the doctor’s visit. Even the prescriptions written by the doctor can be sent directly to the pharmacy store, through the Pharmacy Selection option.


    MDLIVE is a popular medical application that facilitates a virtual doctor appointment through a digital medium, as per your requirements. It offers easy and intuitive experiences, stores account details for referencing and acts according to further course of action. Because of MDLIVE, healthcare facilities are faster, more secure, easier, and more flexible. It connects easily with the pharmacy stores around and helps get the medicines faster.

    The application helps you change appointments, view messages from other healthcare providers, update your insurance details, get treated for urgent care, and on-demand care for illness, primary care, mental health issues, and dermatology issues. There are wellness screenings, routine care, and health tracking mechanisms.

  5. Talkspace

    Talkspace is one of the top medical apps in the healthcare segment that offers online therapy for teens, couples, individuals, etc. for mental health issues. Some highly skilled therapists manage stress and anxiety issues and prescribe medication and further action with personalized treatment. This application helps in saving commute time and scheduling appointments without hassles.

    There are flexible plans available that can suit your lifestyle and preferences. You can even change service providers, without any extra charge. It offers high-quality healthcare at affordable rates. There is an effective prescription management and messaging system through which you can be in touch with your therapist from anywhere, anytime.

  6. Epocrates

    Epocrates, as one of the best medical apps, has been an easily downloadable application. It offers details of different drugs that can be used for treatment, peers for references, and calculations of patient measurements like BMI. It is free but if you wish to access disease data and lab guides, you need to purchase. There is a text service called athenaText through which you can contact other doctors.

    As a clinical decision support mechanism and a medical app for doctors, it can be leveraged on different devices for different features. There are many detailed discoveries through accurate sources and doctors can avail patient information and files in an offline mode too. There are symptom checkers, disease databases, clinical guidelines, drug references, etc.

  7. Doximity

    Doximity is a well-known medical app that is assisting healthcare specialists in adhering to their daily health-related needs. There is a social networking feature that lets you communicate with other doctors and exchange information based on HIPAA compliance. The app empowers users to call patients from their mobile phones without disclosing their personal numbers.

    This popular medical app for doctors provides a private networking platform that is free and easily downloadable on Android and iOS. It searches for doctors depending on language, location, interests, specialization, experience, or hospital attachment. Doctors can send fax and texts in a secure manner related to medical problems that must be solved.

  8. PEPID

    PEPID is a popular decision support and clinical reference app that assists doctors in taking accurate decisions and performing treatment on patients with ease and flexibility from distant places. There is a lot of content involved including prescribed drugs for illness, associated symptoms, clinical calculators, disease information, and drug details. This app is useful for physicians, paramedics, nurses, residents, and medical students since it acts as a good source of medical information for further education too.

    This app, as a medical app for nurses,  doctors, and patients, offers customization at each step, offering a personalized experience. It offers high-quality medicine pill pictures, radiographic images, and detailed illustrations. There is a huge drug database that helps doctors and nurses in taking the right line of treatment.

  9. Medscape

    Medscape is a known medical app for offering a personalized experience to doctors and healthcare specialists. It offers the most recent medical news and commentary with drug information. It acts as an effective educational support for doctors. There is a visual pill identifier, a directory of doctors, a drug interaction tool, and a wide range of medical conditions with relevant information.

    It offers fast and reliable answers with Medscape Decision Point. There are free Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities on Medscape along with different medical journals belonging to different topics.

  10. Dock Health

    Dock Health is a popular HIPAA-compliant, medical app that is perfect for connecting clinical teams for their administrative requirements. It helps in effective patient care collaboration, communication of activity status, structure creation through templates, viewing task lists with priorities, and delegating tasks. It is a lightweight, secure tool that is a single-stop shop for all administrative and clinical activities.

    It helps you gain knowledge of your status in patient administration, completion of tasks in the team, and further plan of action. It helps patients and healthcare teams of all sizes and segments with its task management capabilities. There is a good amount of personalized care that is offered to patients by clinicians, doctors, and nurses.

  11. Tonic

    Tonic is a popular medical app for doctors, that has been designed by doctors. It aims to gather all the necessary resources that are required for treating patients, including pediatric and adult medicines, glomerular filtration rate, pregnancy, and antipyretics. As a medical device, it offers the topmost security and quality of the algorithms offered. There are clinical decision trees that look at the diagnosis, treatment, and patient referrals.

    It also promotes collaboration between doctors to discuss complex clinical cases, collaborate for treatment, and refer to other doctors for further courses of action. This increases the efficacy of clinical work and offers a faster and more productive way of working.

  12. VisualDx

    VisualDx is one of the renowned medical apps that is made for diagnostic clinical decision-making with better accuracy leading to enhanced patient safety. It is a high-quality medical image library that can help doctors with accurate diagnoses. It encompasses various specialties like pathology, ophthalmology, radiology, oral medicine, dermatology, etc. in diagnosing rare health conditions. There is a smart search facility for different drug reactions, complaints, and diagnoses.

    Based on the patient background and condition, there is a facility to create a customized differential diagnosis builder. It is a trusted medical partner when it comes to finding out rare diseases that belong to various age groups, skin types, etc. There are different sections for body parts like the nose, hair, nails, etc.

  13. UpToDate

    UpToDate is a well-known medical app that is meant for clinical decision support based on collected evidence like drug details, and recommendations given by doctors. It offers an easy search facility, tracking of CME/CE credit, and mobile-optimized medical calculators. There is a detailed medical information database that is available to all healthcare professionals. There is a team of doctors that regularly updates the app and hence, there is an assurance of the latest information always.

    It is a strong platform for medical students and doctors alike since there is easy access to its detailed functions, through mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. Sharing the latest information amongst clinics and doctors is easy and accurate. This leads to the world’s recommended experts commenting and offering advice whenever needed.

  14. DynaMed

    DynaMed is one of the best medical apps that fuses the best evidence-based information, personalized experience, and professional advice to give trustworthy answers quickly and effectively. Doctors find it easy to rely on information through this app since it is well verified and goes through a robust evidence-based methodology and extended investigation for optimal security.

    There is a strong search technology that finds out the apt content and hence offers faster answers. There are one-click links to primary literature which can be accessed quickly for a prompt response. As a personalized app, it offers fast and changing updates relevant to the doctors. It helps in affiliation with many organizations and there is a wide variety of medical information available like disease information, evidence-driven recommendations, and diagnostic tools.

  15. Lexicomp

    Lexicomp is a drug reference medical app that helps doctors get instant access to information related to any type of drug, needed in clinical studies and patient treatment. It is considered an extensive and trusted medical resource for your mobile phones and other devices. There is the availability of timely, detailed, and accurate information on all drugs, medical calculations, organic products, etc.

    There is a drug interaction checker that keeps verifying the accuracy of the medication offered to patients. It is ideal for doctors who want fast access to any type of drug details. It is regularly updated and hence is reliable and most recent.

  16. Case

    Case is one of the top medical apps that gives doctors the most recent innovations in the lines of research, medicine, and other healthcare-related segments. Doctors find it easy to have an easily accessible and portable medical journal with them always. This app scans through all major medical journals from the world over and offers reports on many specialties, different topics, diseases, and medicines.

    The mobile app is smart enough to suggest what you would need, based on your browsing history and preferences mentioned till now. It supports multiple languages and hence is easily accessible globally.

  17. Isabel

    Isabel is a medical app used by doctors, nurses, and clinical specialists for managing clinical asymmetry by corresponding the clinical features to different diseases. It is accurate and easy to use to cover a wide spectrum of diseases and treatments. Physicians, the world over, leverage this tool in building an optimal diagnosis. Just by having the information on patient history, it comes up with possible diagnoses in a fast and accurate manner.

    There are different features like the travel history of patients, and filtering by gender/age that helps physicians in enhancing the quality of investigative details. There can be reduced clinical risk and length of stay with increased patient satisfaction, proper admissions, and test appointments. It supports medical training and education.

  18. Appointik

    Appointik is a cloud-based medical app that is easy to use and leverages the medical practice management software at a reasonable rate, for better efficiency and accuracy. There is easy access to historical data of patients, fast and smooth scheduling/cancellation of appointments, electronic prescription, online billing, and payment, and sharing through emails and messengers.

    There is complete patient management, in-house doctors and consultants, health records including EMR and EHR, online consultations, self-registration through a web portal, reports, letters, and different forms. There are different pricing plans to suit your needs.

  19. iPrescribe

    iPrescribe is a mobile prescription software application that offers electronically prescribed controlled substances – prescribe from your phone. It is like a digital prescription pad for doctors, easily available. There are safety features like alerts for certain drug allergies and interactions depending upon the history of the patient. Doctors can manage patients with ease, search for a variety of drugs faster, send prescriptions quickly, and get rid of the physical prescription pad.

    There are HIPAA-compliant messages that can be sent to patients, based on the content. The entire prescribing procedure makes it easy to choose the medication, write a prescription, sign it, and send it. It automatically imports your existing patients to quickly select the patient you are looking for.

  20. My Shift Planner

    My Shift Planner is a good medication app for nurses that helps them with managing time, schedules, and shifts. It helps them organize their shifts and work according to the daily calendar. You can view all the shifts briefly thereby deciding your further course of action daily.

    It helps in easing out the complex schedule management related to shifts and getting it regular with the routine. There is a provision to record daily notes regarding sifts and the number of working hours, leading to better management and tracking.

The Wrap-Up

As the world of healthcare IT solutions expands, there is an increasing number of medical apps that are being leveraged by healthcare professionals, hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharma companies, laboratories, and patients alike. It is interesting to see how the number of top medical apps is increasing and gaining traction.

These healthcare and medical apps, in the arena of medical app development, have carved a niche for themselves in increasing the personalized experience and effectiveness for healthcare professionals and patients. Which one to choose from, from these best medical apps, varies from organization to organization based on other relevant parameters like budget, skills, project deadlines, the scope of work, etc. Whichever you choose from, a smooth execution will be experienced.

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