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Top 20 Popular Telemedicine Apps Offering Best Of Healthcare


May 26, 2020


March 20th, 2024

Popular Telemedicine Apps

“Telemedicine is the natural evolution of healthcare” – Andrew Watson

Bridging the gap between medicinal facilities and remotely distant citizens is what modern-day technology – Telemedicine focuses on.

Telemedicine eases the task of making a complete healthcare solution available to remote areas. Doctors, nurses, administrators, medicinal practitioners, and all stakeholders involved are leveraging the potential of this innovative style of treating patients.

Some of the routine issues that people face regarding availing of healthcare facilities are-

  • Patients living far away or in rural areas cannot afford instant medical treatment.
  • Not able to meet the doctor or get regular medical treatment frequently
  • Restricted coverage to specialized medical treatments

That is where Telemedicine app development comes into the picture and helps at its best.

Here are some of the proven statistics that showcase the increasing popularity and potential of Telemedicine apps worldwide.

Telemedicine is a big business; by 2025, it is projected to exceed $64.1 billion in the U.S.

From 2017 to 2023 the global telemedicine market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.8%

About 74% of patients are comfortable with communicating with their doctors using technology instead of seeing them in person

Telemedicine App Development – An Overview

Telemedicine can be explained in the following manner:

  • A modern way to care for patients with the help of skilled knowledge and communication technologies like video conferencing, calls, text/chat using mobile devices or computers
  • Use of telecommunications technology to deliver healthcare to patients in real-time
  • Remote monitoring, real-time interaction, and store and forward mechanism
  • A seamless interface between software, hardware, and a communication channel thinning the gap between two locations

It has been used in dermatology, pediatrics, radiology, chronic diseases, mental health, emergencies, disaster management, the ICU, ambulance, and more.

Image Source: Statista.com

There are many benefits that the world is experiencing after the invention of Telemedicine; here are a few:

  • Enhanced availability of healthcare facilities
  • Superior quality of care
  • Lessons healthcare expenses
  • Enhances patient happiness and commitment
  • Increases stakeholder satisfaction

“Telemedicine will become the core methodology of healthcare delivery in the future. That is where we are going to get the efficiencies, we need to provide affordable care.” – Yulun Wang

Best Telemedicine Apps To Look For

Here are the 20 best telemedicine apps that have proven highly successful in offering patients the best healthcare.

  • Doctor on Demand
  • Amwell
  • MDLive
  • Talkspace
  • Lemonaid Health
  • PlushCare
  • LiveHealth Online
  • Teladoc
  • Babylon Health
  • Maple
  • HealthTap
  • Dialogue
  • First Opinion
  • Simple Contacts
  • Pager
  • Doxy. me
  • AMC Health
  • Express Care Virtual
  • K Health Primary Care
  • Cigna Telehealth Connection

Let’s get an overview of these telemedicine apps to understand them better.

#1. Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is a popular telemedicine software that believes in supporting healthcare wherever you are. They have an experienced panel of certified physicians and psychiatrists available on your schedule.

This application is accessible 24/7 and connects with doctors via live video. With a reasonable fee structure, it has been trusted in healthcare to provide the best services and consultation.

It investigates various health categories, such as behavioral health, urgent care, preventive health, and chronic care. Doctor on Demand’s key features include no need to wait in waiting rooms, quick access to doctors on pre-defined time schedules, and available insurance schemes.

#2. Amwell

Amwell is a great application that facilitates your connection with your desired doctors from the comfort of your home without compromising on any health benefits. It is said to have reduced the patient’s waiting time by almost 70%, making it a hot favorite.

This app offers a variety of health plans and nursing facilities that can be availed online, covering from urgent care to acute care. It provides a pleasant experience for patients with the best workflows for providers.

This app’s main highlights are its high security, availability of many insurance plans, EHR integration, telemedicine carts, and kiosks.

#3. MDLive

MDLive is a popular telemedicine application that allows you to schedule a virtual doctor visit at your convenience using any digital media, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. It makes healthcare simple, convenient, and fast.

Affordable, excellent quality care, revolutionizing remote healthcare, 15+ years of experience with doctors, secure access to data, and connection with local pharmacy stores are the main features that MDLive showcases and are reasons enough to make it a widespread application in Telemedicine. Telemedicine

Talkspace is a beneficial online therapist application that comprises high-value therapists who deal with cases of stress, anxiety, teen and couple therapy, prescription management, and personalized treatment.

It offers an excellent messaging system so you can contact your therapist anytime. The organization collaborates well with popular health plans and educational organizations to make this service affordable and quality-oriented.

#5. Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid Health is an online doctor’s office and medicine delivery application that comprises a panel of expert doctors and a great care regime.

It offers healthcare facilities like birth control, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, acne, hair loss, UTI, cold sore, asthma, and many more. It coordinates with the patients with an online questionnaire, doctor’s review, and complimentary medicine delivery.

#6. PlushCare

PlushCare offers exceptional virtual primary healthcare services from the comfort of your home. The panel of doctors has over 15+ years of medical experience, enriching the service.

Technically, they offer a simplistic way to connect through video chatting and conferencing. They can also direct you to the nearest pharmacy store for a quick pick-up. They handle urgent, ongoing medical conditions and everyday care issues.

AI Chatbot App For Hospital

#7. LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online is a valuable telemedicine application that offers expert advice, relevant treatment plans, and needed medical prescriptions.

A panel of board-certified doctors is always there to help, offer expert advice, and help patients manage themselves from their home front. This application handles health-related problems related to allergies, psychiatry, psychology, and medical issues.

#8. Teladoc

Teladoc offers the proper care when the patient needs it the most. It is a US-based telehealth provider that offers its patients reasonable and suitable access to round-the-clock medical assistance.

It offers supreme guidance from expert doctors and collaborates well with insurance companies to make things easier for patients to manage. As a globalized leader in virtual medical care, Teladoc has garnered numerous rave reviews from its patients.

#9. Babylon Health

Babylon Health is an affordable and accessible application offering various healthcare services. It provides high-end technical assistance, such as an AI-oriented symptom checker and expert medical help.

It offers Babylon Monitor, which cares for the patient’s well-being. This application’s primary mission is to provide accessible and affordable health services to a large online community.

#10. Maple

Maple is a popular healthcare application with an expert panel of online doctors, virtual health, and prescription providers.

Based in Canada, it has a great network of specialists with authentic licenses and experience. It offers virtual capabilities like medical prescriptions, sick notes to whoever is concerned, and the proper guidance for medical issues.

#11. HealthTap

HealthTap offers personalized medical information and guidance 24/7 from your mobile device. Our AI-powered devices, like a symptom checker, help us make conclusions.

Access care guidelines, questions, and answers can help you better understand your medical condition. The online panel of doctors can fill prescriptions, order lab tests, and guide you to other relevant specialists.

#12. Dialogue

Dialogue application offers a holistic approach to virtual healthcare services. It provides online and progressive healthcare facilities through mobile devices. It retains talent, reduces absenteeism, and reduces healthcare expenses.

It helps people be proactive, happy, and have a great work–life balance. Facilities include medical team follow-ups, specialist referrals, prescription renewals, live chatting with nurses, and diversified experience in a single panel of doctors.

#13. First Opinion

First Opinion is a popular telemedicine application that offers easy access to doctors in a few minutes. It provides services that satisfy you with your home premises and excellent medical services that make you feel like you are in the right hands in a medical center.

Some facilities solve all your queries, help you approach the right doctor, and offer the proper treatment at manageable expenses.

#14. Simple Contacts

Simple Contacts is a well-known eye telemedicine company that offers quality contacts from various brands. A simple mechanism exists to purchase contact lenses and get your desired prescriptions online from an expert panel of doctors. They offer 24/7 support and provide prescription renewals from the application.

#15. Pager

Pager is a popular healthcare application that brings patients and their care team together in a single chat to make smarter & faster decisions.

It offers virtual care, care coordination, ancillary services, and medical administration facilities. It provides a higher engagement ratio with patients, offering them healthier and happier lives.

#16. Doxy. me

Doxy. Me is a secure and straightforward telemedicine application that lets you deal with medical issues with the perfect medicinal practitioner from your comfort zone. It is easy for doctors and patients to use, complies with HIPAA standards, and is free to use.

It is accessible from everywhere and trusted by doctors and patients alike. It does not need an account or download; it can be accessed from any browser with a camera and microphone.

#17. AMC Health

AMC Health offers remote patient monitoring services and cares for all chronic needs with a better user experience. It provides AI- and BI-driven algorithms with a wholesome view that gives patients and doctors advanced analytics to help them make better decisions and gather insightful information.

They perform disease monitoring and outcome assessment and understand the complications that arise in medical conditions. This app empowers patients, increases healthcare access, and supports chronic care management.

#18. Express Care Virtual

Express Care Virtual is a leading telemedicine software application that provides best-in-class virtual health assistance through digital media. It leverages the expertise of board-certified and licensed medical doctors.

It offers premium services, such as sitting in the comfort of your home, including diagnosis and treatment plans, skin and nails, common ailments, respiratory, gastrointestinal, wellness, and women’s health.

#19. K Health Primary Care

K Health Primary Care, also known as K Health, is a popular healthcare software solution that offers more brilliant health information, uses cutting-edge AI to solve immediate queries, and offers primary healthcare in minutes.

The nature of this service is personalized, conversational, and highly secure. It also handles issues of anxiety and depression management along with other prime categories like mental fatigue, abdominal pain, headache, chronic disease, cold, flu, etc.

#20. Cigna Telehealth Connection

Cigna Telehealth Connection has been offering healthcare services for years. Cigna is a global health company. Now, telehealth services deliver personal and trustworthy care to its patients.

It offers a facility to search for a doctor, dentist, or medical practitioner in your nearby area and leverage the telehealth facility to ask for further treatment. It delivers high-quality consultations and optimum patient care using advanced technology.

Why You Need a Telemedicine App for Your Healthcare Business

Discover how a telemedicine app can help you improve patient satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase revenue in the post-pandemic era.

Telemedicine App Development – Customized Telemedicine Apps, Just for You!

A different perspective, an innovative way of meeting exact healthcare requirements, and abiding by all central healthcare norms, rules, and regulations—creating, customizing, developing, and implementing telemedicine applications/software is a bright area in healthcare software development.

What makes it different from readymade products is its flexibility to adapt to the exact requirements of the healthcare sector. It does not force users to change their way of working. Instead, it changes the software application based on needs.

Of course, an experienced and single-stop IT solution provider must understand the intricacies of the healthcare industry. Telemedicine and Telemedicine are the best possible healthcare app development for the client, especially a telemedicine app software application.

The need for it will grow exponentially, making it easy for patients to get treated cheaply. It is still picking up momentum and, hence, is being underrated. Wait till it explodes and shows its true potential! It is different; experience it to understand its goodness!

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