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January 9, 2018


June 19th, 2023

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As we enter the new year 2018, here is a sneak peek at the bouquet of good blogs on one of our key strength areas and service offerings @ SPEC INDIA – Business Intelligence Services & Big Data Solutions. These articles attempt to encompass the varied technological areas that fall under this wonderful technology and the bouquet of service offerings that we offer, under this umbrella. If you haven’t read through this, these are surely worth a read and if you have gone through them earlier, it always is a pleasure to refurbish your knowledge.

Here they are:

#1. Business Analytics Solutions, The Pulse of Intelligent Retailing!!

Business analytics solution indeed captures the interest of major players in the retail sector. To keep abreast with competition in areas like brand promotion, score improvement when it comes to promoters, and customer loyalty, a major chunk of retailers uses solutions offered by BI & Analytics across channels to positively influence sales. This read covers an aspect of how intelligent retailing benefits from Business Analytics Solutions.

#2. Pentaho 8.0 – “Move Beyond Big Data to Transformation”

Pentaho has been a global leader when it comes to Business Intelligence Services and Solutions. With advanced Pentaho BI Services, on a regular basis, the user community has benefited to the optimum. Here comes the latest and most sought-after version of Pentaho – Pentaho 8.0, the first after its acquisition by Hitachi Vistara. Have a glimpse and how it is, what it is, and its highlights that are creating news all over.

#3. Defining Precise KPIs – The Key to Successful Business Intelligence Services

KPIs have proven to be the backbone of any successful solution. BI solutions, being one of the most demanding and popular ones, are no exception either. Having well-defined KPIs in any Business Intelligence Service surely takes you a step further than the rest and provides you with easily measurable and manageable information that is most accurate, profitable, and efficient. This article attempts to focus on 5 core steps that are required to define the important KPIs for any BI solution.

#4. How do Business Analytics Services Succeed in Garnering the Best of Personalized Customer Experience?

The more the enterprises, the more data that they collect. Delving deeper into those huge chunks of data can give you a lot of effective, valuable information that can be utilized for better efficiency and the best outputs. The sole method of garnering this is Data Analytics Services, which with its value-added features, can bring your, business performance unplugged. Have a look at how you can win over your clients with this and how Business Analytics Services help in getting the best-personalized customer experience.

#5. Business Intelligence – A Power Booster to FinTech – Sooner the Better

Technology is going big, FinTech is going bigger and FinTech with Business Intelligence Solutions is the biggest. As is, Financial Technological Solutions are ruling the globe and now, with BI lending a helping hand, it’s like icing on the cake. The extent to which BI is proving useful for FinTech is beyond imagination. This article helps you to visualize the extent to which BI is providing a big thrust to FinTech solutions and has become an indispensable ingredient.

#6. How is Predictive Analytics an Impeccable Technique to Optimize Inventory Management?

One of the most trivial processes in any business is the management, optimization, and balancing of the inventory. With the traditional approach, there are many grey areas that fail to get covered. Getting in Predictive Analytics – an important technology in Business Intelligence Consulting is the sole approach to automate inventory-related activities and give the stakeholders a foresight into the happenings right before it happens. Here is how it can help enterprises maintain and balance their inventory to its optimum.

#7. Self-Service BI Tool – Serve Yourself the Best of Information, Your Way

As the globe moves towards independent working and self-sufficiency, Business Intelligence Solutions have come up with a highly useful, user-driven, and efficient – Self-Service BI, which has enabled users to handle their own information their own way and extract desired information instantly in their needed format. Have a look at how Self-Service BI has captured the hearts and minds of all users, be it any category, any domain, or any department.

#8. Unleash the True Potential of Corporate eLearning with Business Intelligence Services

When it comes to training and learning, eLearning has grabbed the market, and Corporate eLearning is the in thing today. As its popularity advances, it is followed by the natural course of challenges. And the technology to the rescue is our very own Business Intelligence Services, which owing to its amazing skill of culling out visually appealing reports/dashboards, from the huge bulk of information, has proved to be of great assistance to Corporate eLearning. Have a look at why is this tech-savvy combination worthwhile and how best is the true potential of eLearning unleashed by BI.

#9. Future of eLearning Brightens with Assimilation of Big Data Services

Big Data has evolved over these years and encompassed almost all domains under its innovative, effective, and smart wings, the education and eLearning sectors being no exception. There are hardly any eLearning application solutions that are barring Big Data Services. But, what is more interesting is to judge how that must be happening and why is Big Data touted as the latest techno mantra behind the success of the eLearning sector.

#10. Big Data Solutions – the Apropos Key to Simple & Smart Data-Driven App Design

With data becoming the hero of today’s software scenario, its inclusion into one of the most customer-centric areas – the design phase is no wonder. Now, the latest trend moves into including data-driven elements in the design strategies and elements right from the start of the project. Design and data have teamed up with the help of a power-packed technology – Big Data Solutions, which has the capability of working magic in terms of the best utilization of data. Have a look at how app design companies build data-driven apps, which are influential in giving the most attractive and sturdy design performance and making clients happy and satisfied.

#11. Big Data Transforming the Face of Hospitality Sector – A Concerted Alliance to Watch For

Big Data Solutions have been a face changer for most industries today so then, why would the Hospitality domain be an exception? A sector that is getting increasingly complex, busy, and articulate – Hospitability needs a robust and comprehensive Big Data solution, to cater to its sea of information, which has been generated over the years and needs its own set of analysis and feedback mechanisms to generate further business revenue to garner maximum productivity and profitability. Have a look at how Big Data turns out to be a table changer for the hospitality sector.

As a leading Business Intelligence &Big Data Services Company in India, our skilled BI and Big Data resources have been implementing multiple analytics services with a multifaceted range of services, in vivid technologies that can give your organization the best of business efficiency and effectiveness. Our services have been successfully implemented across a wide range of enterprise clientele, all around the globe. As a contribution to the Pentaho community, we have successfully launched a Self Service BI solution, in the form of a plug-in for Pentaho Community edition users on the Pentaho marketplace for global users and developers.

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