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SPEC INDIA has been associated as a value added partner and has been delivering large scale and mid scale solutions to some of the leading Shipping & Logistics companies globally. The three most important segments of service are Carriers – Rail, Road & Air Fleet, Logistics & Warehouse and Transport & Tourism.

Some of the promising features of our enterprise solutions are:

Carriers – Air and Ocean Freight

Business Need

With the Shipping industry playing a key role in the global economy, the need of the hour is a robust and comprehensive ERP solution that can help organizations in this domain streamline, manage and execute operations swiftly, smoothly and efficiently. The industry challenges being encountered are:

  • Higher turnaround time for analysis and reporting
  • Scattered and non-standardized historical data across organization
  • Real time reports unavailable, especially on mobile devices
  • Visibility on cargo planning
  • Tracking & Status update till last mile
  • Documentation on demand with full eService support
  • Outdated / expensive data transmission systems for tracking information regarding weight and dimension details of cargo

Solution Highlights

To address the above challenges, SPEC INDIA offers comprehensive and custom Fleet ERP solutions, which have been implemented for leading logistics companies having global operations through multiple offices in various countries. This dynamic solution is used for managing end-to-end business workflows of shipping and fleet industry along with the flexible reporting system through creation and execution of multifaceted templates that can be suited to fit client needs at its best. The solution is in compliance with WorldWide Alliance (WWA) standards and seamlessly integrates with legacy WMA and Accounting Systems.

    • Key Features
      • Single system working across multiple devices and platforms
      • Fleet management and Freight forwarding
      • Shipment/Vehicle tracking
      • Shipment/Cargo loading
      • Warehouse and Inventory management
      • Logistics Service Provider (LSP) registration
      • International rates management
      • Integrating to third party systems like Warehouse management systems, Financial Accounting Systems etc. , making it a complete end to end solution
      • Barcode scanning for inventory tracking
      • Exhaustive BI & Analytics dashboard related to Planned Vs Actual, Volume Vs Spend analysis, Member’s Performance score card, Interactive dashboards
  • Business Benefits
    • Improved turnaround time for fleet analysis and reporting
    • Detailed insights on organization performance KPI through historical data
    • Availability of data, reports and dashboards across multiple devices, platforms and browsers
    • Direct revenue increase with ability to take more booking
    • High customer satisfaction with on time delivery
    • Significant reduction in documentation management and paper work
    • Easy deployment across multiple locations using DevOps methodology
    • Enhanced freight handling operations owing to availability of drill down transactions and reports right up to each piece of cargo

Technology Stack

  • JAVA 6, GWT 2.4, Spring 3.0, Objective C for iOS
  • MySQL, Oracle 11g
  • Pentaho Kettle, CTools, Work Bench, Mondrian

Logistics and Warehouse

Business Need

The logistics solution enablers feel a growing need from their customers (exporters and importers) to analyse and choose the best transport choices in the least time and least cost up to the last mile. For the logistics service providers the need is to maximize their resources and plan optimum and maximum capacities.

Solution Highlights

SPEC INDIA’s integrated logistics solution aims to provide an all-inclusive portal that allows exporters / importers to select logistics services and perform shipment with a complete facility of documentation and tracking that simplifies the task for providing instant support and reduces about 80% of support calls. Encompassing variety of logistic service providers like freight forwarder, trucker, warehousing services, ocean liners and ports, this solution enables the LSPs to utilize their resources optimally and a remarkable cost saving for end customers.

    • Key Features
      • Choose the type of logistics service
        • International shipping
        • Intercity shipping
        • Intracity shipping
        • Storage services
        • Tariff discovery
      • Simplistic route planning
      • Detailed directory listing
      • Discover Book
      • Wide-ranging documentation tracking
  • Business Benefits
    • Single platform connecting the logistics providers with end customers
    • Maximum utilization of resources (warehouse planning, cargo planning, transport planning etc.)
    • Ease of documentation
    • For exporters and importers: Variety of options to choose from LSPs up to last mile delivery

Transport and Tourism

Business need

In the Shipping Logistics domain, there is an incessant need for Business Intelligence Analytics, Data Visualization based solutions that provides a thrust to business profitability and relive existing data with an innovative perspective, offering seamless integration with third party systems to get the desired output in the desired time in the desired format and create a visualization which will provide most of the information to users in a few clicks.

Solution Highlights

Our competent team of BI experts has implemented enterprise class business intelligence analytics solution which analyzes various data sources and derives the KPIs / KRAs to meet the business needs. With the help of various ETL jobs and transformation to integrate the historical data with the live data, our solutions highlight various features showing specific dashboard based on access rights, location wise data and drill down feature to view detailed analysis.

  • Key Features

  • Business Benefits
    • Centralized aggregation of data as well as centralized report in form of dashboard
    • Access to promotional offers by analyzing the historical data
    • Meaningful insights from historical and real time data
    • Identify performing and non-performing airline/hotel/executive/etc.
    • Saiku Analytics and Self-service Dashboard Plug-in helped end users to generate the Adhoc analytics and generate dashboards themselves

Technology Stack

  • Pentaho CE Edition, MySQL
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