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January 23, 2015


April 27th, 2023

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When a mature organization like Apple adopts the motto of Reduce Reuse Recycle, it speaks volumes about the principles of a giant and its corporate social responsibility towards development of very popular products like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the much loved MacBooks.

These iOS based electronic products are designed to ensure that they remain toxin free and reduce the possibilities of harming the environment. When environmental groups like the Green Peace and Green America issued health guidelines as early as 2012, Apple took the clue and by mid-2014 responsible actions were taken to make Apple and environment friendly organization, making a substantial progress in this direction.

The steps taken by Apple are from many fronts.

Making iOS Based Devices Trendier

Reducing the use of fossil fuel is the surest way of reducing carbon emissions which lead to a reduced carbon foot print in the world. The energy and the material needed to manufacture these trendy electronic devices like the innocent iPhone or iPad are responsible for many green house emissions leading to climate changes all over the world. Apple takes ownership of these emissions all throughout its supply chain, rather than just its manufacturing process. The product life cycle of the funky Apples measures and shares the carbon footprint of each and every device that comes to us. As an example the iMac today uses only 0.9 watts of electricity in the sleep mode which is a whooping 97% less than the iMac of its early days, surely making all Apple devices trendier.


 Toxin Free Products – A Safe Set of Devices from Apple

Apple lives up to its promise of designing toxic free products. Everyone included in the product life cycle right from supplying, assembling, using and recycling share the responsibility equally under the spear heading of Apple. The use of mercury, lead, arsenic, BFRs, PVC and Phthalates in displays, solders, circuits, connectors, computers, cables, headphone cables and power leads are completely avoided, as claimed by the official website. This not only keeps the environment safe, it makes sure that all the people involved in making, using and recycling an Apple face no health hazards, because health issues like cancer are life threatening or a serious hindrance to the quality of lives of individuals. The natural resources like air, water and land remain free of nasty pollutants making the world a safer place to enjoy technology. This gives the world the most elegantly designed devices powered with the most reliable platform – the iOS with unquestionable safety measures.

Apple maintains a state of the art Environmental Testing Labs to ensure that it abides by its resolve to go much beyond only compliance.

Innovatively designed iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Without Taking Much From the Environment

Conserving resources is an art that engineers and designers have mastered at Apple. Better ideas and design constantly evolve to make it possible to use lesser materials to manufacture better devices. Innovations such as unibody construction are not only with the intention of making devices thinner and lighter; they also ensure that the devices use materials efficiently, are compact and have a better life to avoid replacements. As a comparison of sorts, Mac Pro uses 74 % less metal than earlier. The latest iPad Air saves 31% material than the first one and the iMac today is made with 68% less material as well. The batteries are also made more durable and last for many hundreds of charges before they need to be replaced. Saving on new batteries thus produces less waste and increases the lifespan of the devices in general.

Recycling the Apple Devices

Recycled paper is used to produce iTunes gift cards and iPhotos. Electronic waste is one the most hazardous wastes human beings produce polluting not only the environment but also harming ourselves in the long run. Responsible recycling leads to a healthy and conducive surrounding. All Apple stores are committed to recycle old products.


As a software development company we feel proud to be working with a technology that goes beyond science to have a prudent corporate social responsibility model. Our CSR policy itself advocates this maturity and we feel inspired when giants like Apple reinforce our belief. Accountability is what we learn for while developing niche apps and solutions for iOS to work on a range of Apple devices; the iPhones, iPads, iPad Air, iPad Minis and also now the Apple watch, demonstrating our expertise in various frameworks, Cocoa Touch and Objective-C.

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