iOS 8 vs. Android L – Comparison Of Two Tech Giants

  • Posted on : August 19, 2014
  • Modified: March 1, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Android ,   iOS

The two technical giants of the mobile fraternity – iOS and Android, have always been compared and evaluated together, with both of them being on the top and having their own enriched features to portray.

And now, here comes iOS 8 and Android L, the latest avatars which were introduced at the WWDC and Google I/O respectively, with their own new set of features and innovative technologies. Let us see what Apple and Google have in their latest kitty to offer to the end users of iPhones, iPads, Android mobiles and tablets. Developers are keenly awaiting the release of these versions by the fall season.




When there is a comparison between the two stalwarts, they both seem to be offering novel features in the mobility sector. Both these technologies are giving higher importance to health and fitness which is indeed, the in thing. For using iOS 8, you will have to pay and for Android L, it will be available for free. iOS 8 will run on iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini or higher versions and Android L will run on Google Nexus 5 or 7.

Novel Features in iOS 8

iOS 8 offers iCloud Drive, a entirely new cloud service that allows to work on similar files from varied apps and devices. This feature will make the iPad a good alternative to the Macbook. It allows you to access your documents using iOS8 enabled editable and updateable apps from various devices.

The real competitive addition to iOS 8 is the Health app. Considered highly effective and with useful features, this app is sure to provide all the necessary data instantaneously and also provide emergency card details of each person. Yet another feature being introduced is responding to notifications from within application without logging out.

Key Highlights in Android L

Android L has come up with a innovative look ‘Material Design’ because of which the UI is going to change a lot and will be consistent across Android, Chrome etc. Including a lot more animations and apps with a 3D feel, varied colour schemes and novel typography, Android L is coming up with many apps which are going to delight the user. It also offers support to 64 bit processors. It also offers a larger battery life, with a higher amount of fine tuning. It offers smart watch compatibility with which the apps on your mobile device will automatically update on the Android wear device. Android L will let users unlock their laptop, with Chrome as the OS when their Android device is closed. Also, sharing of notifications is possible.

This is just a glimpse of what these two pillars of mobility are going to come up with. The real scenario and the comparison will arise as soon as they are launched. It will be interesting to observe the user acceptance and likeability in the IT scenario.

SPEC INDIA has been an avid implementer of both iOS based applications as well as Android based projects. We strive hard to train our resources to the latest possible updates of these technologies.


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