iOS Development Top 10 Challenges!


February 13, 2018

The mobile industry & operating systems have witnessed a dramatic change since Apple made its debut in the phones market way back in 2007. Though mostly a one-man show for years, Apple comes of age and today becomes the most sought-after personal devices amongst the millennials in spite of the constant debates and a war between iOS and Android.

Market rivals have had a tough time scaling up the iPhone, which has, without any argument, simply revolutionized the lives of the digitally native millennials. In line with the strategy to keep releasing new versions, iOS 11 was launched in September last year and has kept the iOS Application Development community on its toes ever since.

top 10 iOS Development Challenges

The List of Challenges

It is important to consider the challenges developers face with iOS, especially as this innovative tech deals with phones, watches, TVs and iPads in line with current trends. And with regular updates coming in, it is not really surprising that challenges are plenty for different technology supports for iOS development including Swift.

iOS Becomes a Tricky Business

iOS Becomes a Tricky Business

Obtaining iOS AppStore Approvals

Enterprises investing in iPhone related applications cannot release the same instantly. An approval is required from the Appstore, a hard nut to crack and developers will need to ensure that they give no reasons to Apple to reject the app.

There are specific regulations & processes that Apple has set-up and abiding by them is no easy deal. It is also vital that enterprises remain updated on the rules, as Apple keeps changing them regularly too.

Maintaining App Compatibility with the Changing iOS Versions

The compatibility challenges are relatively easier to overcome with Apple as compared to Android. However, the roadmap for iOS Development is not as simple as it sounds.

Application support for the specific iOS versions needs to be determined. The obvious aspect here is the adoption of newer versions. This will help maximize the number of users the app will be effectively able to support. It is crucial that every iOS application is compatible with corresponding gadgets, like iPhone, Apple Watch iPod or iPad.

However, the real test for the iOS developer is selecting the perfect device for testing among the myriad of Apple gadgets available in the market. Application testing is indeed recommended to determine possible problems.

Combating Battery Life Challenges

A major dissatisfying factor for many users and iOS developers is the application performance.

Organizations wishing to remain popular with users need to develop applications that do not compromise on performance and are not heavy consumers of battery life. This task is pretty daunting and innovation is definitely the call of the day for ideation as to how application performance can be improved.

Overcoming Memory & Storage Limitations

Restrictions for storage & memory are not uncommon challenges for iOS developers. Several devices operate even on a singular version of iOS. A developer is also painfully aware that every device has a memory restriction. A sizeable number of games or applications use up a lot of space, and in such cases, the user is unable to use the app even if the latest iOS version is supported by the phone.

The application demands must be carefully factored in by iOS Application Development.

Ensuring Application Security

The security of the application under development is simply an uncompromising feature. Organizations must guarantee application security & user privacy. Lack of data encryption indicates a breach. To tackle the smart hackers of today, developers need to improvise and build a powerful technical security layer to ensure hack proof apps.

This is certainly not an easy task.

Ensuring App Performances in Low-Speed Networks

Network speed in itself is not that major a challenge in current times, however, there could be possible concerns for video downloads, streaming services or any other feature that consumes more data. Data checks need to be strategized and can be performed by application optimization.

Keeping the User Engaged with Appropriate UX Design

Organizations need to consider the target audience mindset at the time of user experience design, considering the constant change in design & fashion trends. App developers are required to work with multiple varieties of design such as flat, material & anthropomorphic along with keeping the eye on upcoming app design trends.

Designing user experiences becoming nothing short of a cult in itself!

Future Proofing Applications

iOS developers need to have the capabilities to envision what would be the next big thing when Apple releases the coming iOS version, and keep applications tailored accordingly. This is challenging, and somewhat an unpredictable task. This is tough to master and is limited to certain highly experienced developers with significant insights into Apple products and line of thinking.

Developing Cross-Platform Applications

A lot of companies in the market are moving beyond remaining loyal to only a single platform. Organizations are busy developing Cross-platform applications that work seamlessly on Windows, Mac or Linux, and a significant number of users will prefer such apps that offer synchronization across multiple devices and operating systems.

For an enterprise willing to invest in apps, it is irrelevant whether the app is pure content-based, video-based or document based. What is vital is that the app is easily accessible over a multitude of devices through prudent iOS Development.

Avoiding Easy Plagiarism

A major challenge with apps is the way ideas are stolen if there is a surge in popularity. Once the app is released, competitors can determine the base theme, styling and mechanics, and would attempt to replicate the same looking at market popularity.

Developers need to protect the software in ingenious ways.

In a Nutshell

The number of challenges & problems an iOS developer faces on a daily basis is beyond count. However, regular updates in the mobile apps area combined with technical skills can help chart the best solutions. By keeping a periodic tab on researchers, discussions &blogs, iOS developers remain aware when Apple releases the latest news.

The issues with iOS development seem to gradually addressable as developers gain more experience.

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