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February 4, 2016

Swift iOS development has a long and interesting history with Apple.

C is christened the guru of all programming languages and most with a programming background would readily agree. C++ the object-oriented flavor of this very robust programming language joined the league of development languages to swear by when the world took on to OOP. Objective C, developed in the early eighties was the first choice of Apple and became the main language used by Apple for both iOS and OS X and the APIs Cocoa Touch and Cocoa.

It was around mid-2010 that Apple announced the fourth version of iPhone OS ( the old name for iOS), introducing the dynamic developer community to writing native apps with contemporary features like multitasking, fast app switching and background services.

Unfortunately, this new platform had a fine line in the usage agreement. The iPhone OS 4 SDK came with a disturbing clause “Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++ … and only code written in C, C++, and Objective-C may compile and directly link against the Documented APIs”; which meant restricting the Developers to the C family of languages.

The intent was quite simply to restrict the usage of cross-platform tools with a fear of the unknown affecting the quality of the apps developed with iOS application development. Objective C seemed a very stable option for the programmers but Apple needed to offer a more robust and modern development tool to its patrons and pacify the growing concerns. Not only did Apple remove the binding clause but it also offered a very practical new language Swift introducing it at the WWDC 2014.

iOS Development With Swift

Now, with its version 2, announced at the WWDC 2015; Swift is the single, comprehensive programming language for iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS apps, building on the best of C and Objective-C for Apple.

Adjusting to the expectations of the programmers today, Swift has it all. True to its word as Apple claims, it is a modern programming language that is safe, fast, and interactive. What’s more, it works side by side with Objective C as well. Swift code works along with the existing Objective-C files in the same project, with full access to Objective-C API ensuring smoother adaptation.

Swift 2 for the Best in iOS Application Development

Swift 2 comes with its own set of features which mean marked advantages explaining its rising popularity amongst the developers for Swift iOS development.

Open Source

Being open source makes Swift a more nurtured platform. With a growing community of enthusiastic contributors Swift becomes an intuitive language for Apple platforms, Linux and more are expected.

Built-in Availability

The built in Availability of Swift makes sure that the best possible apps are rolled out for the intended OS versions. Conditional version checks is a brand new practical feature in Swift iOS development making it easy for the developer community to cater to numerous versions of iOS.

Prudent Syntax Enhancements

The Syntax improves tremendously as the latest SDKs of Swift employs newer features of Objective C and makes the Swift code easier to handle, cleaner and safer.

Efficient Error Handling Model

The new error handling model is geared up to handle errors more efficiently with improved catch and throw syntax. Customizations of error types makes error handling more meaningful and the error model is better equipped to handle problems before they create havoc.

Designed for Safety

Swift eliminates entire classes of unsafe code making code writing cleaner and safer and avoiding a whole load of runtime errors during the iOS application development.

Interactive Playgrounds

Playgrounds make writing Swift code interactive, simple and exciting. The results of code appear immediately as values or graphs and the code that satisfies the developers can be moved into the project immediately. This improves the speed of developmnet and the programmers do away with compiling the complete programs to check how new pieces behave.

Fast and Powerful

The name says it all! Swift is designed to be fast. With its high performance LLVM compiler Swift code is transformed into the native code to gel better with the hardware. The libraries offer better and optimized performances too.

Cohesiveness & Interoperability with Objective C

Swift succeeds both C and Objective C and includes basic primitives and flavor of these iconic languages. Today developers can choose to carry out iOS app development entirely with Swift or use it only to enhance the existing app by creating the new enhancements with Swift. This super-efficient language co-exists along with Objective C.

In a Nutshell

The Developer communities across the globe get more enthusiastic about Swift every passing day for various reasons and companies offer various interesting services to cater to Swift iOS development.

Top Reasons of Popularity of Swift Amongst Developers

  • Less Repetitive
  • English like Language
  • Low Maintenance Required
  • Fast & Interactive Coding

What iOS App Development Companies offer for Swift

  • Entirely Developing iOS apps with Swift
  • Convert Objective C applications to Swift
  • Enhancing existing Objective C code with Swift

iOS development companies wisely invest in research and development of Swift, keeping their teams future ready.

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