Top 20 Popular Apps Built Using Swift


July 17, 2020


December 20th, 2022

As per the Stack Overflow Survey,

As the most loved languages, Swift ranked 9th this year with 59.5%.

As the most popular programming language, Swift ranks 17th

Swift pays well compared to the popular languages like JS, Java, C# and R.

These statistics talk about one of the most popular, well-liked, and robust programming languages in the world of iOS app development – Swift. As the name truly suggests, Swift is faster than the fast. A programming language that is meant for speedy mobile app development, Swift programming language is surely worth the win.

Launched in 2014, developed by Apple Inc., especially meant for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux, Swift language has now, a massive popularity quotient of its own. Powerful yet easy, intuitive, and interactive, this language has a crisp and expressive syntax that makes it loved by developers worldwide. It has a modern-day design that clubs perfectly with its lightning-fast speed to execute. It is a successor to C and Objective-C languages.

Key Features Of Swift Programming Language

  • Highly effective and fast coding style, with inherent support for in-line fixes
  • Easy and simple for developers to learn it faster and productively
  • Open-source and cross-platform in nature, compatible with Apple platforms and Linux
  • Backed by one of the tech stalwarts, Apple, with great community support
  • Offers Playground mode to try out creative ideas and discard them if not ok
  • Dynamic libraries to ensure enhanced app performance and faster loading decreased app size
  • Cutting edge security features, the safety of data storage, and integrated system to take care of it all
  • Swift APIs are modern, easy to maintain, and read with named APIs conveyed in a clean syntax
  • Removes entire classes of unsafe code thereby leading to a highly secure coding environment
  • Uses the high-performance LLVM compiler technology for faster execution
  • Perfect for use in modern server applications
  • Seamless integration with tools like Sentry, Sonatype Nexus, Airbrake, imgix, and Cocoa Touch (iOS), and more
  • Lower maintenance, better readability


Here Are The Top Organizations/Applications Using Swift:

  • Facebook
  • Uber
  • Slack
  • Accenture
  • Khan Academy
  • Lyft
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Airbnb
  • Bitmoji
  • CNN
  • Dubsmash
  • Fitbit
  • Medium
  • Truecaller
  • VSCO
  • Twitter
  • Kickstarter
  • Pandora

The globe’s most popular social collaborative platform taking on to Swift needs no more proof of its popularity and robustness. Linking with friends, family, and people who share the same interests, connect privately, watch your preferred content, buy and sell items or just consume time with your community – you have it all.


A name is known to all, a multinational ride-hailing company, Uber has been using Swift and its persistent features. Call for a ride with Uber, rent scooters, and get there with comfort. With Uber, your target is at your fingertips. Just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably.


A business communication platform, Slack brings together all your communications and tools in one place. It has been making the most of Swift in its technical stack, in bringing team communication and partnership into one place so you can get more work done. Complete your to-do list and move your projects further by getting the right people, discussions, tools, and information you need together.


Needs no introduction. As one of the leading multinational professional services company, Accenture takes Swift as one of its programming languages. It facilitates clients wherever they are on their paths to change—in every business across the world —and collaborates with them to generate long-lasting value.

Khan Academy:

A non-profit educational organization known around the world; Khan Academy uses Swift in building its entire portal. A student, teacher, homeschooler, principal, adult – be it, anyone, Khan Academy’s learning library is accessible, for free.


Based in the US, Lyft is a popular app-based taxi booking organization, that is enjoying Swift as its foundation language. A friendly, affordable ride whenever you want, Lyft helps you travel to your terminus and experience the best carpool of your life with trusted drivers.


The unchallenged guru in-network for specialists used globally by numerous professionals, LinkedIn depends on Swift for the robust platform it has created over the years. It lets you navigate your career with confidence, be it finding a new job, keeping in touch with your network, or get the latest from your connections and your industry.


A name known to all, used by all, and leveraged by all – WhatsApp is a simple, secure, and reliable app. Swift is one of the prime languages that has contributed to making this app popular and sturdy. As a free messaging app, it uses the phone’s internet connection to send/receive messages, photos, audio, videos, and much more.


One of the innovators when it comes to photo and album sharing, Instagram is among the best apps downloaded and yes, it leverages Swift. It gets you closer to people you associate with, exploring the community, sharing all that you want to, and connecting with all.


The most modern app that has become the catchphrase of the travel agency, Airbnb also has used Swift in its own capability. The main app for iOS users has been developed using Swift and that makes the app function very smoothly irrespective of heavy traffic times. It offers an unforgettable travel experience with access to home rentals, places to visit, and all types of booking arrangements.


Bitmoji is a known name in the world of utility apps and has its own fan club. Being a personal emoji, you can create your own cartoon avatar from a wide library of stickers. You can even use it in chats.


The world news is at your feet as you access the CNN application. Know what is happening around, get the global news with correspondents reporting from all over the world. Little do you know that Swift plays an important role in building this application and getting it the power, it has.


As one of the most entertaining apps, Dubsmash has been leveraging the power of Swift. It is a free app for creating dance and fun videos with appropriate music and sound clippings.


You almost see this device on each hand and this app is downloaded all the while. Fitbit has been a trusted name in the world of health and fitness. The Fitbit app in iOS is developed in Swift and offers customizable health programs, workout videos, tracks basic statistics, and manages through a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch.


An ideal portal for sharing smart stories and ideas, Medium has Swift in its foundation. It is meant for curious people, sharing ideas through articles, interviews, photos, features with a great insight into the world.


One of the ideal ways to know who is calling and identifying the false one, Truecaller is every mobile device’s delight. Known to be using Swift in its creation, Truecaller for Apple devices can identify or block spam calls and search for unknown numbers.


An excellent photo and video editor, VSCO uses Swift for its creation. There are photo and video editing tools that can edit or share your photos/videos easily and swiftly. This app has a popular fan base of its own.


The agile nature of Swift is leveraged in this iOS-based Twitter application. One of the most recommended social networking applications, Twitter has been known to all for its exposure to the world of news – be it any area, portfolio, geography. It has over 2 billion + users, across the globe.


A centralized repository where there are creative inputs being brought to life. Kickstarter uses Swift to identify newer projects in areas of different interests and create relevant applications that can work well with Apple devices.


A wonderful music streaming app, Pandora uses Swift to offer the best kind of radio, podcasts, and music streaming experience. It has been designed and developed using the Swift language and lets you create your stations from your liked songs, artists, genre, etc.

And many more… The list is ceaseless!!!

On A Closing Note

Much has been said and written about Swift. There are many who have enjoyed its fruits and the list is endless. Swift has a sharp future to comes, and with Apple leaving no stone unturned in nurturing Swift to bring out its best, there is no looking back.

Swift app development, in the world of iOS lovers, is sure to see brighter and successful days, as time goes. Let us wait and enjoy the goodness and fastness of Swift language as if flies higher to reach the skies!

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