Java @ 20+ Maintains Its Supremacy In The Enterprise World


May 2, 2016

It’s rare to see someone perform so consistently and scrupulously since years together, on this continuously varying arena of software development but here we are – witnessing a name which started off as a mere new programming language and today, as it celebrates over 20 years of its existence, reigns at the top as one of the most sought after technologies, being used in every nook and corner of the IT world, getting inseparable from our daily lives too, entering our day to day activities in the form of devices, equipment, and sensors. Needless to say, it is Java, marking its place all over the globe, owing to a number of benefits that it offers and Java Application Development for the simplicity with which it handles programming.

“The core values of the language and the platforms are readability and simplicity” – Mr. Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect Oracle

Undoubtedly, it is tough to come across such a flexible and robust application development such as Java Application Development, which caters to both – small devices as well as huge cloud computing frameworks.

At every nook and corner of the enterprise world, within every device that you come across and around all successful enterprise solutions, you will find Java playing a significant role within. It has been a businessman’s delight also, apart from being the developer’s delight always.

Java Application Development

What Is JAVA? A Quick overview

Considering the release of Java 1.0 as the birthday of this innovative language, Sun Microsystems initially released it for smart devices like set-top boxes. It was then adopted by universities as a teaching language since it followed the Object-Oriented concept and offered rich parallel programming features that were similar but simpler than C++. It turned out quite simple yet interesting for developers. It is open-source, many projects started using it and increased its popularity. The commencement of Servlets offered the developers a standard API to develop server-side apps and increased popularity of Java leaps and bounds. Java, along with its platform-independent feature, started dominating the IT industry along with enriched security features owing to its managed memory part.

If we look back over these years, Java Application Development Services have been either on the top or the next, originally witnessing a fight of Java for the position with C and C++ but later grabbing it for long.

Today, apart from being announced as the Language of the Year multiple times, it has also boosted business efficiency and profitability by huge numbers and the number of Java developers around the globe has been in the range of millions of developers.

How Is Java A Key Factor For Growth And Success In Enterprises?

Java For Enterprise

There are numerous reasons why Java Application Development has turned up to be a key success factor in enterprises today. You will hardly find any enterprise which does not have Java somewhere in its success story. Though the reasons may be many, let us glance through some of the most obvious ones, without which Java wouldn’t have been what it is today.

Considered to be a ‘blue-collar’ programming language, Java has always been focused on the developer’s comfort zone, by having the least fussy logic and also allowing a simplistic way of writing code with the best understandable coding standards.

Ensuring backward compatibility support all throughout releases of all its versions, Java has ensured that the code that is compiled once for a specific version will work on the latest versions also. This surely saves up a lot of time, energy and money for developers who are going in for Java Application Development services.

It’s tough to find out what Java does not have when compared to an ideal programming language which can be a favorite of all. Be its scalability, reliability or performance, Java App Development showcases them all, together, in the most comprehensive and dedicated manner. No wonder, with thousands of person-years of work and again in seniority over years, Java has turned into a strong solid foundation, which continues to grow, blossom and expand, but leaves its roots untouched and steady. There are big names that are already stuck up to Java and rule their own fraternity, with Java somewhere in their success story – Oracle, Hadoop, Twitter, Facebook and many more.

Unlike other old programming languages, which have faded away with time, in terms of their originality and sturdiness to withstand the ever-growing competition, Java has been standing strong and tall, along with a fresh breeze of new technological changes, in each new leap, which strongly addicts developers and enterprises to stick to it and also provides a lot of satisfaction and happiness in using it. Java has continually strived hard to come up with novel features, that not only, bring a big smile on the developer’s face, but bring about a large number of benefits in the enterprises too.

Java Application Development Services have now established their foothold in enterprises today as a strong support system in order to bring in increased efficiency, effectiveness, ROI and success to the business. May we see many more years to come.

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