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SPEC INDIA is a boutique ISO 9001:2008 software solutions company based in Ahmedabad, India. Starting its journey 27 years ago, in 1987, with a single support desk, SPEC INDIA possesses sustainable and robust experience in providing complex and diverse enterprise software development solutions to a large portfolio of customers across the globe. It is now over a decade since we have been in the business of IT Outsourcing.

Quality Assurance

Software Development Process
SPEC INDIA monitors its Software Development Process through built in Quality assurance practices. Planned and systematic approach is taken to evaluate quality and check adherence to processes and standards.


ISO Certified
Technology Services :
Windows Mobile Microsoft .Net Windows Phone Microsoft Microsoft Silverlight Java Google web kit Liferay Google App Engine Pentaho jaspersoft Oracle Hadoop InfiniDB SQL Server SAAS Infobright MySQL Flex MongoDB Apple Android BlackBerry HTML5 vc++ jQuery