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March 3, 2016


May 2nd, 2023

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Software development shifts from the traditional outlook to application development catering to multiple devices and operating systems. When it comes to Microsoft Apps Development, this converges to the unified Windows 10 platform today for building applications for desktops, laptops, mobile devices; on-premise or over the Cloud.

Applications performance can be a nightmare post-application development and maintaining the performance efficiency attained is another story altogether. An appropriately managed performance requires close monitoring with a strategy for corrective actions and predicting troubles.

Like all other software, for Microsoft applications development, one of the most common problems is striking a balance to have the software rolled out with appropriate levels of efficiency.

Microsoft Development

Rules Of Thumb

There are some rules of thumb to achieve this mythical balance.

Keeping A Record Of Software During Microsoft Apps Development

The best way one can maintain a Microsoft Application performance is keeping an up to date log of assets comprising of software, hardware, and network along with physical connectivity and configurations.

This exercise builds the knowledge of mappings between devices of their software and network installations. Application versions need to be managed as well in the mapping logs.

Monitoring The End-to-End Cycles

The complete chain between Microsoft services and end-users could have multiple elements like multi-tier architecture consisting of a front-end and back-end servers or specialized servers for firewall access.

A web-based application, when analyzed for performances, would comprise a cycle starting from the front-end, middleware, back-end and networking all along. Inefficiency in any of the elements means deteriorated performance on the whole.

Interdependencies During Microsoft Apps Development

A prudent software monitoring strategy aligned with business goals advocates scrutinizing all the components of the applications and determining the end-to-end dependencies in the application being developed.

During an issue, investigating the root cause can be more logical and comprehensive and covers all the apps meant for the front-end, back-end, and the network.

Performance Monitoring Tools

Application Performance tools are very helpful in the maintenance of many components and troubleshooting with speed. These tools do not require specific knowledge of the technology and can be used efficiently to take timely preventive and corrective actions.

Integrating Performance Monitoring

Many Microsoft Applications & Services such as Exchange, Azure, SharePoint, Lync and more, provide built-in application monitoring features. These can be integrated into the workflow along with some other free monitoring tools which are appropriate for the enterprise to monitor performances.

Bandwidth Monitoring

With enterprise mobility becoming the new-age way of working, monitoring of the bandwidths of the wireless world becomes mandatory to maintain performance health. Keeping a log of wired and non-wired assets connected over various networks becomes a critical requirement.

Everyone In Sync

The Microsoft application in use can be the most crucial part of the business, slow-down or failure of which can create disturbances at various levels and brings down the productivity as well as the revenue. Having a regular performance analysis is very helpful with the identification of the problems in the early stages.

Microsoft Apps Development Today

A Microsoft app developer has many choices of software while commencing development according to the need of the project. It could be a backend development or a front-end web page or an app. Efficient performance is of prime importance for all the software used for building the solution.

Microsoft Technologies are a comprehensive suite of software, fostering rapid application development with a perfect blend of business solutions. The Microsoft .NET platform; for both Web and Desktop based Microsoft Application development; Windows Mobile and Windows Phone; for Mobile Application Development and the very competent Business Intelligence Applications assure faster Return on Investment (ROI) and growth of your business.

At SPEC INDIA we recognize the usage of this ever-growing platform. The contemporary Cross-Platform Applications, powered by HTML 5, ASP.Net MVC and Responsive Design tools ensure that Microsoft Technologies are always on the top of the chart for developers and enterprises alike.

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