Apple iOS 10 – Arriving by the Fall of 2016


June 27, 2016


May 2nd, 2023

The World Wide Developer Conferences held every year, draw Apple fans and iOS developers like none other; WWDC-2016 held at San Francisco last week being no less.

So what if the announcements were not for something as exciting as the pink phone last time, crazy fans like me had it all covered and of course the rumor mongers have the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S all figured too!


This year Apple had unusual reasons to be in the news all through the early part of this year. The sticky battle with the FBI in context with the San Bernardino iPhone case was certainly not a good reason to be in the limelight. CEO Tim Cook kicked off the Apple announcements at the WWDC-2016 with a little statement on the same note too.

“We believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy, we will not shrink from that responsibility.”

But we leave this raging debate aside of who is right and who is not and focus on the announcements and news that thrill Apple fans across the globe; iOS 10 features and improvements, updates to Watch OS, the introduction of Mac OS Sierra, information for the Apple TV and the iPad Pro turning smaller.

And my focus like the iOS developer community remains on the features for the iOS 10 for sure.

Feature Announcements for iOS 10

  • Messages, a Complete Overhaul


Our messages will soon be going out in our handwriting and would animate it as if the hand moves to give that extra special touch to every message delivered. Allowing us to express more with messages with the effect of writing in the same manner that we say by changing the bubbles to proud, loud or whisper.


The invisible ink in a message or photos sent to add the element of surprise! The content is revealed only on swiping and celebrating in style when we sent out special wishes, with animations floating over the entire screen is soon going to be true.

Not to forget the cool stickers to enhance the bubbles, photos and almost anything by sticking them over and a very personal touch with sketches! We would soon be replacing words with emojis with a simple tap!

  • Apple Maps become Smarter

Apple Maps

Apple is soon going to give Google Maps a run for its money. Apple sets right a few irritants and especially its inability to scroll ahead on a route while driving.

What’s more, Maps also takes reservations now to book tables through apps like OpenTable and also book rides with Uber.


Maps is also all set to give in suggestions to us regarding what to do next depending on the location we are at; maybe point out a frequented place or ensure that we do not miss the turn to reach home!

  • Siri, Now open to apps


Siri is now going to command the apps we use as well. We could now be reserving tables, making payments or navigating with Siri at the helm. And Siri makes its debut in the MacOS too; but this is just besides the point.


  • Home Sweet Home


Home is going to be the cool new app letting us control our smart homes by putting us in charge of routine tasks like turning on lights, unlocking doors, controlling the temperature and basically make sense of the big thing today – Internet of Things!

  • Music

I remember being drawn to Apple for making my music trendier. Music got a whole new meaning, became smart and I could get rid of my huge Walkman and its headphones. Of course Apple Music is a different ball game altogether, but Apple and music remain closely bonded.

Apple Music with iOS 10 is promised to be redesigned for about 15 million paid subscribers, by integrating lyrics and smart covers to the albums.

  • 3D Touch with Touch & Go

I will now be using the magic of 3D Touch in apps like Weather, which was the most used app on my phone this harsh summer, Calendar and more for a quick glance to know more.

  • Notifications Set to Become More Useful


Rich Notifications is all set to allow us to View photos and videos. It is also said that iOS 10 Notifications would allow responding to messages through notifications.


  • Contextual Predictions with QuickType Keyboard


Personally I find predictions quite irritating and a big nuisance; but for the most of us this remains the easiest and the quickest method of typing. Contextual predictions makes this feature more comprehensive by integrating other apps like the calendar into it. So, if there is to be a statement like “will see you for my birthday bash on “; the calendar would pop up allowing us to pick the day. A mention of a name would activate the contacts to fetch the number.

  • News with a New Look

News and Images

Completely redesigned, this favorite app of many is all set to get a complete makeover with its distinct sections and enticing articles.


  • Memories & Photos


With iOS 10 we are bound to be more organized with our pictures and even create movies from them. Memories is all set to present a beautiful past.

Searching Photos in terms of people and places captured in them seems to be a practical and much needed feature too.

  • Apple Pay for the Web

Apple Pay

Apple goes one step further with payments. No more phone sensing for payments. Online shopping too is enabled with Apple Pay and all it takes is simply browsing normally and pay. iOS developers, I am sure are thrilled with this much awaited feature and busy integrating this too.


  • Multilingual Typing

Now we would be typing in at least two languages at a time and the typing becomes as fluent and close to the way we speak. All this without switching between the keyboards with the all new Multilingual typing with iOS 10.

  • Safety & Security

iOS 10 is set to use on-device intelligence to identify people, objects and locations in Photos. Sharing sensitive data with Apple for services like Siri and Maps, it’s always encrypted and never used to build user profiles.

And of Course, Some Juicy Tit Bits on the iPhone 7 & 7S

The rumors are hot and expectations soaring – some of the features on the new iPhone as expected are here. Graphics getting done for this

iPhone 7 & 7S As They Could Be


On a Parting Note

Absolutely crazy Apple fans like me react or over react with over enthusiasm to new announcements by the big giant. But, let’s face it, the style quotient, the user interfaces and user experiences offered by Apple are the ones worth dying for and the latest iOS is going to be available for so many devices as well. iOS Developers have a lot to look into with iOS 10.

iOS 10 Compatible Devices As Announced By Apple

iOS10 Compatible

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