The Smashing New Apple watchOS 2 Coming This Fall


August 4, 2015


April 27th, 2023

The watchOS the special operating system for the Apple Watch with circular application icons called the Carousel has been wooing us since April last year. Apple refines it to watchOS 2 keeping up pace with the way we evolve the uses of our Apple Watch making it an indispensable part of our lives. After all the speculations and concerns the most personal devices of them all is here to stay and for long.

watchOS 2 announced at the WWDC 2015 comes with newer and better additions to keep us engaged and how!


Watch Faces

The new customizable watch faces and the option to have very personalized watch faces like our own photographs from photo albums or pictures downloaded or even videos which constantly give a new look to the watch make the Apple Watch trendy and smart.

watchOS 2 adds more watch faces to our Apple Watch in ingenious ways.

  • Time-Lapse

Videos shot over 24 hours in iconic locations around the world give an animated watch face.

  • Photo

Images from Photos app on the Apple watch can be set as watch face.

  • Photo Album

A different image with each wave of the wrist from any of the Photo Albums or the Favourites gets converted to a watch face.

Making Calls independently

Integration of Facetime Audio, allows us to make and receive calls directly through the watch avoiding the nuisances of having an iPhone handy all the time.

Complications from watchOS 2

Complications are all that is important to us, seen on the smart watch faces of our choice. Alerts, Notifications, alarms and many more. Many Apps available on the App Store can be integrated as Complications as well. It is more like multiple UIs all bundled on the watch face. All to suit our requirements and taste.

Time Travel – it is for real

This one did knock me off my chair, but no, it really is not the real time travel. It just uses forecasting apps like weather, or birthday alerts or schedules to tell the future and very smartly we can “change” the time to see what exactly was happening in a particular moment of time, like news, weather and so on. Imaginative technology at its best!

Night Stand Mode with watch OS 2

The Watch keeps working in the night when we rest. While charging, the Apple Watch .. to the Nightstand mode. The way the digital buttons function, change in this mode intelligently. The digital crown becomes the snooze button and the side button the alarm control itself.

WiFi becomes easier than ever

The Apple Watch becomes independent of the iPhone finally and we would now be allowed to connect to any WiFi available and without routing through the iPhone connection. This makes our watch more practical to use.

WatchOS 2 offers Better Apps

The Apple Watch comes with improvised apps to offer a better User Experience. The watch itself co-ordinates the hardware with this brand new software to make the most of the new features.

  • Apps load faster
  • Apps are native and are more effective
  • Performance efficiency increases
  • Making Use of Technology
    • Taptic Engine
    • Digital Crown
    • Accelerometer
    • Heart Rate Sensor
    • Speaker
    • Microphone

WatchOS 2 Enhance the Apps already there

Known for its style and elegance, Apple improvises the Watch Apps with watchOS 2 to do the things we have already been doing in much better ways.

  • Emails

We received emails on the Watch and now we can reply as well with watchOS 2. It is as easy as tapping the reply Button

Dictating the reply
Sending emoji
Selecting from preset replies

  • Friends

We maintained an inner circle with the Apple Watch and now the new operating system lets us add groups of friends across multiple Friends Screens.

These groups can be synced on the iPhone contact list as well.

  • Sketches

Digital Touch gives us the freedom to draw and send sketches with multiple colors. Digital Art for all the connected Apple Watch wearers.

  • Transit

Getting directions with Maps is what we have been doing all the while. Transit shows us the possibilities of using various types of transportation options on a trip, complete with undergrounds, trains and bus routes and schedules. The walking directions of our port of choice is included as well.

  • Apple Pay

The payment option that has caught the world with a rage and is making its way into countries out of USA soon, comes to our Apple Watch. watchOS 2 lets us make the Credit Card Payments right from our wrist.

  • Siri

Siri transforms itself for our Watches. The personal assistant at its best, Siri does everything it does and more on the Apple Watch.

  • Start a workout
  • Get transit information
  • Set the alarm
  • Calculate the time required for a trip
  • Check for something on the internet
  • Keep a track of the weather
  • Activation Lock

The brand new, much required security feature with watchOS 2. Activating the watch is possible only with the Apple Id and Password. Needless to say, Apple protects our data and personal information on lost or stolen devices.

And we can only Wait for Fall

Anything from Apple is definitely worth the wait for die-hard fans! Right from April this year that the fans set their hands on this exquisite time piece oozing style and panache, Apple has the last word on Wearables.

We have all the reasons to believe that Apple received almost one million Apple Watch pre-orders in the US during the first few hours of the pre-order period in early April this year after which it was sold out. Sales have swollen from a few millions to almost thirty five millions from April this year to today.

SPEC INDIA gears up with the new WatchKit and promises an exciting time this Fall when the world updgrades to the new promised watchOS 2 for Apple Watch.


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